Would You Die For Nigeria?

It is said that there’s no place like home. An American slogan says, ‘ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.’
This means that you should be ready to sacrifice whatever is necessary for the benefit of your country.
Nigeria is our country, our home; would you die her?
The Next Edition posed this question to Nigerians, here are their responses.
Ini Asifa, Shoe Designer; “I would be prepared to die for my country. I love my country. But due to the political situation, you can’t fight alone. What’s in your mind is not what’s in your neighbour’s mind, that’s the problem. I want to create change, but you need many people to have the same idea, ideology, to move forward. I wouldn’t be violent. We need to strike and demonstrate. Violence never solves problems.”
Onyekachi Vincent, Security Expert; “I’d be prepared to defend certain values, but I don’t think that violence is a solution. I don’t think I would die for my country. I don’t have one country that is my country. Also, there are decisions that I don’t agree with. We are not always supported in the way, we should be.”
Crown Jimmy, IT Engineer; “Simple answer is ‘NO’. I won’t die for my country. In fact, I think it’s not worth living here. If you want a better and comfortable life, it’s good to leave.
But yeah.. I am very much willing to kill for my country. There are a lot of people who need to die to make my country a better place to live in.”
Blessing Bucknor, Businesswoman; “I don’t know whether I would be willing to die for my country. It’s a huge question and I’ve never really thought about it., so I’ve never really been put in a position like that.”
Bisi Okunbor, “I can’t die for my country but I can sacrifice a whole lot for her; I can fight, I can solicit, I can pray all for her. I have to be alive to fight and fight again for her. My ideas are best when I’m alive. I can’t die for no country but I can die for a Principle.”
Oluwaseun Jnr, Fashion Designer; “I just hope and pray that Nigeria becomes what it should be, then the question of dying may be considered, not before then.”
Farouk, Barber; I would die for my morals. I would die for my loved ones. I would die for a cause I believe in. I feel about these things well, and they are important for my survival.”