Advert Rate

1Rectangle300 x 1003 x 1.3300,000
2Medium Rectangle300 x 2504 x 3.4350,000
3Leader Board728 x 9010 x 1.2400,000
Large Rectangle336 x 2804.6 x 3.8350,000
4Diamond Banner468 x 606.5 x 0.8120,000
5Half Banner234 x 603.3 x 0.870,000
6Half Page 250 x 2503.5 x 3.5250,000
7Classified840 x 45011.5 x 6.37,000 
8Vertical Rectangle240 – 4003.3 x 5.570,000

Entertainment Page:

1Wallpaper AdSite background350,000
2Photo Splash840 x 450250,000 

Sponsored posts:

  1. The cost for sponsored article is seventy thousand Naira (N70,000.00) per post. Please note that articles/posts  to be published as sponsored post not written by The Next Edition staff  must be submitted for verification and approval before payments are made.
  2. Sponsored articles/posts that are handled by The Next Edition staff (Possible event coverage and written articles) is one hundred thousand Naira (N100,000.00) per post.
  • Rates for sponsored posts are negotiable.

Special Projects:



1Depending on location and logistics involvedDocumentary: Text, Pictures & Video5,000,000 


All agencies/clients should provide materials in Jpeg, PNG, Gif or PDF format

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