Stingy Men: A turn off or turn on?

One of the major things that rekindles a relationship or friendship is giving. Giving in whatever form is an important aspect of showing support, care and love to someone you love and cherish.

Giving is supported by all faiths especially when it is done voluntarily and with the right motive. The Christian perspective to giving is that there’s more happiness in giving than receiving. In other words, there’s joy in giving.

Showing support or care by giving is not restricted to men alone. It’s both ways. Despite feminist movement and women wanting to be more independent, they still expect their men to shower them with gifts, support and care.

In this first part, The Next Edition interviewed ladies on their impressions about stingy men. Are they a turn off or turn-on?

Read the hilarious responses below.

Treasure Akpabio, Graduate

“Stingy men are a turn-off for me. I find it so hard to ask “anyone” for money. I don’t know how to beg for something generally and I can’t have a man wait for me to ask him for money to buy the least thing as sanitary pad or recharge card before he gives me. Hell no.”

Reetarr Mildred, Procurement Specialist

“I hate Stingy men. I feel they are time wasters and of course, stingy.

I always say, if a man is not capable of assisting his lady/woman to be better in every way possible, then he should let her be. So, she knows she’s all by herself and can get the assistance she needs from a better human. Infact, stingy people should just be by themselves.”

Onyi Chukwu, Human Resources

“BIG TURN OFF. It’s not just something I find attractive. Now, there is a place for being prudence and planning your finances, that’s very important. However, when it comes to being stingy, you find that people like that are more focused on “hoarding” money, than seeing money as a tool or a means to an end. People who are stingy fail to see that they are where they are and have the things they have, largely, because of opportunities given to them by other people and also the grace of God.”

Jane Edu, Customer Care

“I care and a whole lot! I’ll never be with a stingy man no matter how much we’re in love, NEVER! Even the good book says, give and it shall come back to you, why then should I subject myself to managing with a stingikoko! Mbanu.”

UyiMadiba, Entrepreneur

“Stingy men are a total turn off to me. You can’t expect to be a receiver without knowing how to give.”

Izzie Nicholas, Banker

“It’s a major turn-off. Like you have to literally explain why they should do certain things in the relationship. They don’t know romance, mbok.”

Uty Charlie, Media Practitioner

“Stingy men are definitely a turn off.

I believe a relationship won’t thrive if you don’t share. People have various love languages such as sex, commitment, maximum attention, gifts and so much more and a man should be able to identify his partner’s love language and act accordingly. Personally, my love language is gift. If we’re in a relationship, you should be able to make me feel loved and that means acting in a language that I truly understand; gifts.

A stingy man will never see the need to constantly share the little he has and that makes it a complete turn off for me.”

Andino Attah, Engineer

“Turn off! Gift giving is part of what makes the relationship beautiful. A stingy man won’t think about creative ways to gift you or surprise you. Stingy people can even be stingy to themselves, so the fact that he can’t even be generous to himself is already a turn off. Stingy people can also hold back non-tangible things.. they’ll be stingy with attention, acts of service, care, love, etc. They won’t even find the need to be selfless, cos it’s never about the next person, but themselves. God forbid.”

Pop Apparel, Fashion Designer

“Turn on as ,what is he turning on. It’s a turn off. Most of them will still be stingy to themselves. A stingy man automatically suffocates you and this in turn will paralyse the relationship. Local man can’t deal with a stingy man.”

The general consensus seems to be that stingy men are a turn off. What do you think? Would you date a stingy man? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. OMG! They are great turn-off. Not only that, they don’t keep their throats in their pockets – as they visit you they would expect to eat and drink to their satisfaction. Tufiakwa!

  2. The idea of giving is good for both the giver and the receiver but lately it’s becoming abused. How can someone say giving is her language of love? Some ladies won’t even believe when you tell them your financial situation, instead they tag you has been stingy.

  3. Some people may not like my message, but I want to believe that no matter how stingy you think a man is, he’ll spend on you if he has that conviction that you’re worthy of his ‘dough’.

    As it is now, very few men will spend on a lady if they realized that she keeps angling them into the spending corner. Most men prefer to give willingly, and more so at convinience, not necessarily when you expect them to.

    On the lighter note, it takes a beggar to know a stingy man. It’s either you’re an active beggar or a passive one ? ? ? ? ?

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