10 Obvious Signs That Tell Your Girlfriend Is The One You Should Marry

What could be better than marrying the girl you love? You may have heard people getting married to the love of their lives. This may leave you wondering whether you are dating a girl who would be with you forever as your wife. It is not that just because you are dating her, you can marry her. It is advisable to marry the one whom you think would be the perfect life partner for you.

You need to ask yourself if your girlfriend genuinely cares for you, does she respect you and your family, does she support your dreams and loves you unconditionally? Well, there are many more signs that may tell if you are dating a girl that you should marry. In order to know what those signs are, read on.

1. She Is Always There To Support You
If your girlfriend is your biggest fan and trusts your ability, then you are undoubtedly dating a girl that you can marry. Even if nobody supports you and considers you as a failure, your girlfriend will always have your back. She will make sure to be your biggest support and encourage you in achieving your goals.

2. She Trusts You
Trust is the factor that integrates you and your partner. The strength of your relationship depends upon whether or not you and your partner trust each other. If your girlfriend trusts you and knows that you are the one for her, then it is a clear sign that you are with someone whom you can marry. No matter how tough the situation is or if people are accusing you, your girl will always trust you.

3. She Appreciates Your Efforts
Your girlfriend will always value your efforts and will also appreciate them. She knows that you work hard not only to make your future bright but also to ensure that the relationship is strong and unbreakable. Therefore, she never complains that you are not working hard or putting enough effort into the relationship.

4. She Considers Your Friends As Hers
If your lady love has a good bond with your friends and treats them nicely, then this can also be a sign that you are with the right girl. She will know all your friends by their name and how close you are with each other. Even if they do crazy things, your girlfriend will never judge them and will and always behave nicely. Not only this, but your friends too enjoy it when she is with you. They do not seem to have any problem with her.

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5. She Encourages You To Achieve Your Goals
In a relationship, the couple needs to encourage each other to achieve their respective goals. One of the obvious signs that you are with the right girl is she will always try her best to encourage you. She will also try to help you in achieving your goals with whatever she can. This is because she loves you and wants you to achieve your goals.

6. She Genuinely Cares About You
If your girlfriend is always concerned about your health and doesn’t want to take any chance, then this shows that she genuinely cares for you. Also, this means that she is the one whom you should marry. You will find your girlfriend caring for you just like your mother does. She will ensure that you are eating properly and staying away from things you are allergic to.

7. She Tries Her Best To Make You Happy
You will always find your girlfriend, trying her best to make you happy and cheerful. She will do things that are dear to you such as she will often surprise you by cooking your favourite food, she will dress up for you, will look after your family, etc. This is because she knows that your happiness matters the most for her. Therefore, she is always on her toes to make you happy and stress free.

8. She sees her future with you.
If your girlfriend always sees her future with you, then this a clear sign that she is the one you can marry. You will often find her making future plans that include you.
For example, she will save money for both of you or will plan to buy a house that will belong to both of you. She will also give her best to work hard and make her career bright. This is because she wants to give you a better and happy life with her.

9. She Is Fond Of Your Family
This could be another sign that your girlfriend is the one whom you should marry. She will always consider your family to be hers and will always treat them with dignity. You will never find her disrespecting or being mean to them. She will try her best to build a good rapport with them and win their confidence. Also, at times, you may find her seeking their advice and opinions on various important matters.

10. She Has Helped To Evolve Into A Better Human
If your lady love has helped you to evolve into a better human than before, then this means that you are with the right girl. She would have helped you in improving your lifestyle, quitting bad habits and bringing in some positive and necessary changes. If this is true, then congratulations dear friend, you are with the girl whom you should marry.

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