Recognizing You Are In A Toxic Relationship

As a popular saying goes, no man is an island; man here, referring to both male and female. What this means, then, is that everybody needs somebody irrespective of age.

Everybody needs to be in a relationship. It could be platonic, it could be intimate.

Relationships are supposed to build those in it up. They are meant to add value. Yet, not all relationships achieve that.

Some relationships rather than build up bring low and diminish those in it. They can turn out to be damaging rather than bringing comfort to your life. Such a relationship is not healthy and should not be encouraged.

A toxic relationship is basically an unhealthy relationship or friendship. This kind of relationship could be with a friend, family members or even a partner. It could be a platonic relationship or an intimate one. In a toxic relationship, you are unable to have a meaningful and positive connection with the other person.

Often times, people are unaware that they are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship. So what are some of the pointers that a relationship is toxic?  Straight up, you can tell a relationship is toxic when all it does is cause you stress and sadness.

Below are some other signposts that you are in a toxic relationship

·        Everything is about them; a toxic friend will never really listen to you. They are always waiting for their turn to speak and they make everything about them.  They never want to listen to you if it does not have to do with their problems.

·        They constantly put you down; a true friend should always be there in your time of need and should never bring you down. If you are in a toxic relationship, never expect your friend to complement you or congratulate you on your achievements because they will always be seeking for your downfall.

·        They compete with you; toxic friends never want you to do better than them, they always want to outshine you. So in whatever you are doing, they want to be ahead of you a thousand times.

·        They constantly point out your flaws; a person who is always reminding you of what you can’t do isn’t a friend at all. Any friend that always wants to tell you about your imperfection is only bringing you sadness and is a toxic person.

·        You no longer trust them; trust is basically the foundation for every relationship and if that is lost what more is left to the relationship. If you notice that you don’t trust your friends anymore then it means that your relationship with that person is toxic because there is something they are doing that is making you to distrust them.

·        When you realize that they “gossip” at your back; anyone who claims to be your friend should never backstab you, they should not be eager to spread gossips concerning you. If you are in a relationship or friendship with anyone and they start to gossip with other people concerning you then there is a problem with your relationship.

·        Noticing the jealousy in them, anyone can spot a jealous person from a million miles away. If you notice that in your relationship your partner or your friend is jealous about your accomplishments or your achievements then you are in a toxic relationship.

Friends are allowed to make mistakes, but if you are starting to feel like your friendship or relationship is no longer the best thing for you, chances are you are in a toxic relationship. If you cannot change things, then it’s best you end the relationship before you end up being hurt.


  1. This is a nice article that everyone has to read. A lot of people are in a toxic relationship without them knowing.

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