Why People Close their Eyes when kissing

Have you ever found yourself closing your eyes when leaning in for a kiss? Of course, the answer is YES with capital letters.

You know how it feels, gazing into your partner’s eye, those little smooches and then the sparks, the leaning in, the sensations that come with the coming together of the lips – the closing of the eyes. Who can explain why that happens? Well, science has an answer as to why.

No matter the level of passion involved in the kiss, most people find that leaning in for a kiss involves closing eyes, puckering your lips and touching down! Was everyone taught to close their eyes? Why does it happen so instinctively?

According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, performing a challenging visual task could reduce your ability to comprehend stimuli associated with other senses in this case touch. In general, human beings are unable to use all their senses at the same time. This, therefore, explains why you lower the volume of your car stereo when you’re looking for directions while driving.

Psychologists at the Royal Holloway University in London also demonstrated that completing a demanding visual task reduces people’s ability to comprehend touch.

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The study, which was carried out without actual people kissing, suggested that people might instinctually close their eyes to focus on a tactile sensation such as kissing. This could also be why people close their eyes when doing other activities that involve touching like reading braille, making love or dancing.

What the study proves is that the brain can interpret messages sent to it by the coming together of lips of two people in love and the best way to enjoy the sensuous moment is to shut other senses down. With your eyes closed, your brain has less to focus on. No distractions! Your brain understands that feeling and enjoying the kiss is more important than seeing it. It’s a spiritual journey. This is why we also tend to close our eyes when savoring a delicious meal. Like hmmm, yummy, yummy!

Scientists also believe the art of closing one’s eyes may have begun centuries ago when kissing was a prelude to the reproductive process. Closing one’s eyes then ensured that nothing interfered with that very important cloud 9 journey.

Another reason why eyes are closed during kissing, according to Relationship experts, is simply the Trust element. Closing your eyes instinctively shows your partner you trust him and you are willing to enjoy the process with him.

So, when next you find yourself closing your eyes when leaning in for a kiss, know that Science’s got your back.


  1. Wow! Science can explain ANYTHING! I laughed at that car stereo part because I do that A LOT! Wow!

  2. Since I’ve not kissed anyone before, I wouldn’t know. I’ll just wait till my first kiss to see if I’ll close my eyes.

  3. You got me when you said it’s a spiritual journey. Also explains why some people keep their eyes open when kissing for the first time (some cases different people for the first time).

  4. Yeah ! I have always known that lack of a sense organ heightens other senses but never knew of it being explained this way. Have you ever wondered about Steven wonder the musician and our own cobams Asuquo. Being blind heightens their ability to feel the music better ( in terms of how it sounds and feeling the keyboard differently than us or I dare say better than us)

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