Why are you still Single? This is one of the most dreaded questions in a girl’s life. People ask the question in different forms – They imply it, the ask outrightly, the ask if your male friend they saw you with is the one you’re dating.

The point is, I’m tired of getting asked that question! Don’t people know how hard it is to snag a man these days? Pastors keep saying ‘This is your year’ in prayer points for singles, and the year keeps going by before you know it, you’re closer to 35 than 30!

Why am I talking about it? Because of the past Easter festivities. You know how holidays bring family members and more friends around? People calling more and all that? That was 90% of the questions I got the past two weeks! Some even opened the conversation with that without even asking if I have eaten! How?!

I lost it with one of my Aunts just last Sunday. She called and before I could even greet, she said “When are you bringing your own husband?” To give you the backstory, my 23 year old cousin did her introduction over the Easter period so everyone was now looking at me. 🙄 I was at the introduction and I tell you this; it was one of the most uncomfortable experiences I’ve had in a while. Aunts and Uncles kept going, “Kayla, you’re next” “Kayla, we are waiting for you o”. I kept smiling and hooding but inside me I was boiling. Anyways, I blamed myself for going, I should have just made up an excuse and stayed in Lagos.

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That said I already had an overload of that question that’s why when my Aunt who wasn’t present at the introduction called just to ask her own I lost it! I screamed down the line at her that I will marry when I’ll marry. I told her to worry about her daughter’s marriage and leave me alone. After all, her daughter who married at 24, the husband has another woman pregnant barely 2 years into the marriage. She went quiet. She couldn’t say a word. Lol!. I hung up and kept it moving.

I know they will do meeting on top my head but will they see me? Nope! I’m not paying my way down to a meeting to be scolded. Not happening!

That said, the next person who asks me “Why are you still Single?” I will put my fingers in someone’s eye! That’ll be the day, they’ll get to learn how to mind their own business. Haba!

Later guys, tell me in the comments what happened the last time you were asked the dreaded question.