Nigerian female singer, Tiwa Savage, has revealed that someone is threatening to blackmail her with sex tape.

In an interview with Power 105.1 FM’s Angie Martinez, she disclosed that she got to find out about the tape from her road manager.

She said, “Yesterday, I was leaving a radio station in my car and my road manager sent me a message and was like ‘Yo check your phone’ and I’m like okay, then I checked it and I’m like where did you get it from and he like I just got it like 20 minutes ago. It’s a tape of me and the person I’m dating right now.”

According to the afrobeat singer, she and her current boyfriend are distressed over the sex tape as the person has threatened to leak the tape on the internet if a specific amount is not paid.”

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No. He is going crazy too. I’m like what are we gonna do and my manager is like ‘How much are they asking for?”

She also added that she would not pay the blackmailer and would not allow anyone to blackmail her for doing something natural.

“So I woke and I was like no – I pay now, two months time you gonna come back again and two years and who knows if I do send you the money you are gonna release it anyway.”

“Like the fact that I’m not going to allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is natural.”