How to tickle your girlfriend

Tickling can be a cute way to flirt with your girlfriend. If you keep it light, gentle, and playful, it will be a fun experience that brings you closer together.

Preparing to Tickle Your Girlfriend

Make sure you’re in the right setting. If you tickle her in front of a bunch of people, it can be embarrassing–both for her and for the people around you. It’s best to tickle her somewhere private where you both feel comfortable.

Make sure she’s in a good mood. Tickling is not always appropriate. If she is very sad, angry, or she’s trying to focus on something important, it’s probably not a good time to tickle her. It might make you seem insensitive and upset her further.

If she’s sad, try giving her a hug instead. You can maybe give her a little tickle around the ribs if she starts feeling better.

Try and remember if she’s ever told you that she hates to be tickled. You should take her at her word and know that tickling is not a welcome touch.

Know which areas are off-limits. Your girlfriend might not be comfortable being touched in all of her ticklish spots. After all, our most ticklish areas are also the most vulnerable.  You may want to do a couple quick tests before trying to tickle her. If she makes any indication that she’s uncomfortable, know that spot is off-limits for tickling.

When you are laying down, try running your toes lightly along the bottoms of her feet and see how she reacts.

When her arms are raised or you are hugging her, put your hand near her armpit. Some girls might be worried about sweat and won’t want you to touch them there.

Place your hand on her hip or stomach. Notice if she removes your hand or seems to welcome your touch.

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Tickling Your Girlfriend

  1.  Sneak up from behind and surprise her by tickling her sides. Gently poking or wiggling your fingers (move them like you are typing really fast) up and down her sides will probably make her giggle, especially if you catch her off-guard. Do this for no more than 10 seconds. When you stop tickling her, you can pull her against you for a sweet hug and kiss.
  2. Tickle under her arms and around her tummy when you are sitting together on the couch. This works well if you have just been kissing since the physical contact won’t come out of anywhere. It may also lead to more kissing!

Make sure you aren’t tickling her too hard. Tickling can be pleasurable, but only when you use a light touch. Too much pressure and it can become painful.

  1. Use your lips to tickle her neck or ear. Gently brushing the slope of her neck with your lips or breathing into her ear is a very intimate way to tickle her. It may even cause her to squeal!
  2.  Stop if she starts yelling, is having trouble breathing, or if she asks you multiple times. Tickling can be tricky, because she will be laughing when she asks you to stop, and you may think she doesn’t really mean it. But the laughter is involuntary, and she might be in pain, getting mad, or feel very uncomfortable and want you to stop. Only tickling her for a few seconds at a time is a good way to avoid an awkward situation. If she really doesn’t like it, you will have only tickled her briefly.

If she tells you she really didn’t like being tickled, then you know not to do it again.