Many women have ideas of what love should be, how it should feel and even what it should look like. However, it does not always come with easily recognizable signs.

Love is very tricky and everyone doesn’t show love the same way but there are signs that are generic to everyone.

A man who is into you will exhibit some or all of the following:

He wants to give to you

Any man who loves you will always want to give. This doesn’t have to be monetary. He will be generous with his time, resources, etc. Anything that will make you happy and he can give, he will do so.

He makes you his priority

You will be on the top of his list. Even when other things interfere, he will still find ways to show you that you’re still his number one. If he knows he doesn’t have time because of other commitments, he will let you know exactly what’s happening and tell you when he will be free to spend his time with you.

The way he looks at you

He will look at you like the sun rises and sets with you. And when he does it, your heart skips a bit. This is not to be mistaken for the look of lust but when a man looks at you like he can’t believe you’re there with him, he has most definitely caught feelings.

He always keeps you in the know

A man who loves you will keep you abreast of what’s going on with him. Even when it’s about something that is not important. He will always make sure you’re up to date with information around him.

He wants to be in your life

When a man asks to meet your friends, family and is genuinely interested in hearing about them, he is serious. If he asks about your hobbies, likes and so on, that shows he wants to be a part of your life. He’s not just breezing past, he wants to know what makes you tick. If he goes on ahead to include you when he’s speaking of the future, then he’s thinking of a future with you in it.

He checks in when you’re apart

Out of sight is not out of mind for a man who is invested in a relationship. If you drift apart when you’re away from each other and he’s not showing any signs to ask why then what you have may not be as strong as you think. A man who is into you will always check in when you’re away.

He breathes life into you

Love is life. Someone who really loves you will go extra mile to be part of your everyday life. He wants to know what’s happening in your world and how you are coping with your job, family, friends, colleagues and life generally. He literally becomes the air you breathe.

He reads your moods.

Everyone has mood swings. When a man loves you dearly, he knows when you are happy and when you are not. And he makes an effort to take you out of your bad moods to pleasant ones. He will stay around to bring sparks into your life or take you somewhere to make you smile again.