Would you give yourself a surprise gift? Let me elaborate. Giving yourself a surprise gift simply means having a gift sent over and then you acting as though some guy sent it. In that manner, when it shows up you jump and touch the sky in happiness and upload pictures online. That’s what it is.

The other day Empress Njammah posted a video of her getting one of those money cakes and captioned it “When you give yourself a surprise gift”. Since she captioned it that way most people got the joke but let me tell you it hasn’t always been that way.

If we tell ourselves the truth, women have been giving themselves gifts for decades and will act as if their significant other gifted it to them. One person shared how she overheard her neighbour planning her surprise and when it came, she knelt down and thanked the husband and was even crying in the compound! The man too played along! Haba!!!! The man sef had no shame at all! Why all the theatrics when you’re not in creative art department?

I love the route Empress took, I will just gift myself something and own it. I think it’s sad when women (it’s mostly women who do this) gift themselves things and come to flex on the gram as if it was their men. What’s the point, pls? Why are we even flexing with what is not there? When your “yansh” is opened where will you hide?


There was this tweet I saw where one girl said her friend’s BF gave her 1m for Valentine and she came online and was “awwing”on her behalf. This April shey she came and said they have broken up that it was a scam. He just sent it so they could flex online and had taken it back! So they will now look stupid in front of their friends.

Ladies, if you want to gift yourself something, do it proudly. If you have a significant other who didn’t gift you anything on your birthday or anything maybe that will make them step up. If you don’t have one, love up on yourself and flex your gift! No one will beat you. It’s good to flex on the gram but be sure you can back up that flex because the same online people will laugh at you!

I would give myself a surprise gift, but I won’t call it that. I will just call it a gift. Why act like I’m surprised when I’m not  Meryl Streep?  Abegi!

Later Ladies, stay slaying and loving yourselves!