Obaseki’s Wife Speaks On Not Having Children
Betsy Obaseki

Edo State First Lady, Mrs. Betsy Obaseki has for the first time openly spoken on the absence of children in her home and chided those who have used the issue to make politics.

She described such people as lacking understanding of the times and seasons that are in the hands of God.

Mrs. Obaseki spoke on the issue at the weekend when answering a question during a zoom meeting.

Responding to a question from a caller based in Britain on not having her biological children, Mrs. Obaseki said:

“I hear some people saying all sorts of things about us but I know nobody in his right senses would make jest of people who do not have their own children, but my advice for those in my shoes is to ignore them and focus on God.

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“Children are a gift from God, so one must be patient with God and I really don’t mind what humans are saying as I know I have many children here in Edo to care for as the wife of the governor.

“On the other hand, I will advise proper check-up and do other things as advised by medical experts, do all medical investigations, but you know at times everything is right with you and it’s not just coming but that is when you actually need to hope on God”.

“You could try many other ways like IVF etc, but at times they don’t work, but you must be calm, relax and leave everything to God. For me, I’m very busy here in Edo, especially with my husband being the Governor, we have more than enough children here in Edo to care about and I really pity those mocking us. They don’t understand the issues of life”.

She noted that her husband has placed high premium on women empowerment programmes in Edo State, saying over 400 women were already part of government at different capacities.

“My husband has absolute confidence in Edo women, he has always talked about their loyalty and trustworthiness that is why he has over 400 of them in his government at different levels and he has always praised them for putting up excellent performances in their position,” she said.



  1. Betsy Obaseki, don’t mind those mocking you, they are not God. They have their own problems covered by cloth. It is not yet over, stop using that as campaign.

  2. The Bible said children are blessings from the Lord, blessed is he who’s quiver is full of them. Mocking someone who has not been blessed with children is like mocking at God himself, may God from heaven consider their situation and turn their sorrow into joy, you who is mocking someone what has your children archives? Kindly do your politics without bitterness.

  3. Please ma’am , Mrs obaseki our governor’s wife , see count those mockers as if they don’t exist, Abraham nd Sarah were laughed at, Anna the mother of Samuel was launched at,
    I’m not surprised to hear people laughing again
    Just relax on God ,is there anything too hard for our God? ANSWER IS NO, at the appropriate time you shall embrace children like Anna , like Abraham because God watches over his promises , I will be with you in prayers

  4. I am shocked to hear this kind of news, so people can still make jest with this kind of matter that is solemly in the hands of God, may God forgive them and bless Mrs Obaseki with children, from now on, I will always put Mrs Obaseki in my daily prayers, and by this time next year, she will be carrying her own baby boy.

  5. For this I prayed that the favor of fruit of womb must hit you hard this moment for your own children through the mercy of God in Christ Jesus, Amen.

  6. Today is the end of month of August and also the end of barrenness in your family, mummy God will grant to you according to your heart’s need in the name of JESUS amen, pls do your prayers with faith only.

  7. I join millions of people and established my faith with them and prayed that the good Lord who created you and your husband in his own image will surprise you. By this time next year you shall carry your baby and like Hannah others children shall follow. People shall rejoice with you in Jesus unfailing name. Amen. And to those that helps you to remember God, may their sins be forgiven.

  8. By this time next year, God will put a smile in your face ignore those laughing at you, don’t be distracted by their mock for God will cause all your mockers to celebrate you amen

  9. I give God thanks because he is too faithful to fail. Our amiable first lady, God Almighty will not fail u. Don’t mind the mockers, mind the baby maker. I pray that the God that wipe away the tears of Hannah in the scripture will wipe away ur secret tears, the same God that make Sarah to laugh in GENESIS 21:1,6, will make you to laugh in nine months from now in Jesus name. Amen.

  10. Never retreat because of what they express against you. Just remain focus and see what blessings the Lord God would pour on you. They are many in this world that are for destruction not to repair or encourage.

    May God bless you madam.

  11. U Wil never knw hw it feels til you there.. How can a human make jest of another cus of a child! Madam dnt b distracted! God has blessed you Wil children and your hubby Wil win this election weda the devil likes it or not!

  12. My first Lady thank God for that, bcos God is going to use ur mockers as a ladder to ur expected answer just like Hannah nd Sarah.Be happy my Oga wife u are unstoppable. They are already in their drowning boat.

  13. I pronounce an end to barrenness in home in Jesus name. Be fruitful and multiply childrenwise in Jesusname. Amen

  14. I pronounce an end to barrenness in home in Jesus name. Be fruitful and multiply childrenwise in Jesusname. Amen

  15. I pronounce an end to barrenness in home in Jesus name. Be fruitful and multiply childrenwise in Jesusname. Amen. Rejoice evermore.

  16. No body knows the mind of God concerning you . one thing l want to come to your mind is that delay is not dennial, never give up ,if God could answer Hannah in the Bible days, continue hoping on God who can not fail he will answer you very soon .
    Almighty God do not walk by age and years in marriage before children will come but in his appointed time God will visit you and what man says is impossible will be seen possibly into you .

  17. I pray that God will wipe away all tears in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, those who laugh at you now will help spread the good news of the delivery of your twin babies next year in Jesus mighty name, Amen. My First Lady, worry no more it is done.

  18. Ma I want you to know that your time to give birth to children has come believed it or not. I congratulate you ma.

  19. I decree in the mighty name of Jesus every spirit of barreness in your life shall be consume in Jesus name, every evil spirit that block your wounb shall be open and you shall be fruitful in Jesus name.

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