How do you know when you’ve met ‘the one’? Is there a singular thing that clicks or is it a series of events?

Being with the right partner is always the hope or expectation when getting into a relationship.

For those harbouring thoughts of marriage, the long term expectations is for the relationship to end in marriage.

So how many dates or if you like, how long does it take to know you’ve met the one.

The Next Edition spoke to some people on how long it took them.

Pop Apparel, Fashion Designer

“We ladies can’t even say we have met the right one until you’re married. So many we thought were the right ones were wrong. So I don’t get it when a lady says when I met him I knew he was the one. Every guy I have met, I have always thought they were and they turned out not to be. So for me I’m done trying to identify the one. I’m just enjoying life lessons till the one finds me.”

Chidubem Ofili, Analyst

“For me I think it was less about the number of dates but more about something she said.

We were on (I think) the 4th date and I made a joke that I usually have to explain to most people but this wasn’t the case with her, her response to the joke was far more cooler than mine and at that point it hit me that she was the ONE! I knew she was a keeper. A good sense of humor is everything to me.”

Norell Nwoko, Business man

“It took me five years and about 200 dates. We started out as genuine friends. Best friends.
We were so close we shared toothbrush. After dating different people and they weren’t working, we finally decided to give it a shot.
The rest is history.”

Joyce Immanuel, Life Coach

“It took plenty dates and persuasion.”

Anita Udoh, Entrepreneur

“I knew right from the first date. So I have always admired men who are calm looking and collected. Men that are somewhat reserved, yet very confident. So that was the very first thing I noticed of his personality. Then he wasn’t in a rush for anything and didn’t for a minute make me feel pressured. He clearly stated where he will like the friendship to be headed, no beating about the bush, no games. I loved his personality, and his looks.”

Queen Udofia, Lawyer

“It took us breaking up and growing up individually.”

UK Timothy, Customer Care

“We didn’t really have conventional dates like that for a year, it was more of calls and all but when I got back, we went out a couple of times. I really didn’t have like an ‘aha experience one day and it all made sense like others do,’ but from the day I got back and saw him after one year of long distance dating (even though I already fell in love with him before getting back) I knew if all the stars allign, this could be it.”

David Ikenna, Engineer

“First she was the spec so that part wasn’t hard. I think as we interacted further that I looked past that. I’ll say on the 5th or 6th date when she came to my house for the first time is when I knew.”

For some, it clicks immediately, for others, it takes longer. However, it is not the length of time that matters but being sure you have met the one.

So, if it’s taking time, have a little patience, but again, know when to move on.


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