Rufai Hanga, Senator-Elect, Kano Central, has described President Muhammadu Buhari as the worst president Nigeria has ever had.

He said Buhari is an abject failure, who is incapable.

Hanga stated this during an interview on Trust TV’s Daily Politics.

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He said, “Buhari was posing himself as a Messiah and unfortunately, but that was untrue. The Trustworthy (Mai Gaskiya) is the best nickname he would like to have, but he is not. Look at what he did, he surrounds himself with people that have fat files with EFCC and those that he used to abuse before.

“Before I believed in Buhari but now I have seen the right thing. I now know better. He is a Total Failure. He will sleep confidently in Daura because he doesn’t know what is happening. He has no capacity. Buhari has no capacity.

“If somebody would perform the way he did, if somebody would take the country to where it is now and continue to advocate that he is the best President Nigeria has ever had… That is what he has been saying himself that he performed more than all the former leaders.

“To me, he is a decimal failure compared to the rest.” (Daily Trust)