Benue LG Elections: PDP Wins 23 LGs Chairmanship, 276 Councillorship Seats
BSIEC Chairman Tersoo Loko

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Benue State has clinched all the 23 Chairmanship seats in last Saturday’s local government elections held in the state.

The Chairman of Benue State Independent Electoral Commission (BSIEC), Mr. Tersoo Loko made the announcement on Sunday at BSIEC headquarters in Makurdi.

He also announced that PDP won all the 276 councilorship seats in the state.

The BSIEC Chairman who announced the detailed results of the Chairmanship elections, said the Commission would present the full details of the councillorship elections at a later date.

He noted that elections took place in all the 3691 polling units and 276 council wards across the 23 local government areas of the state.

He said, “in all, five political parties participated in the whole process, namely; All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Action Alliance Congress (AAC), Labour Party (LP), Social Democratic Party (SDP), and the PDP.

“By the powers conferred on me as the chief Electoral officer of the state, I announce the results as follows:

1. Ado Oche Ogaba James PDP 19,544

2. Agatu Adoyi Sule PDP 4,484

3. Apa Akoche Anak Ameh PDP 24,354

4. Buruku Deajir Daniel Ukehemba
PDP 12,19

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5. Gboko Kachina James PDP 59,913

6. Guma, Aba Caleb Mngirimga PDP 28,982

7. Gwer-East, Otserha Terwase Emmanuel PDP 19,191

8. Gwer-West, Igbabon Grace PDP 15,638

9. Katsina-Ala, Alfred Avalumun, PDP, 5533

10.Konshisha LG, Jirgba James, PDP, 19,112

11. Kwande, Chiandon Joyce, PDP, 67,406

12. Logo, Agber Tertsea, PDP, 65,954

13. Makurdi, Dyege Anthony, PDP, 11,625

14, Obi, Agnes Okelo, PDP, 14,595

15. Ogbadibo, Onu Samuel, PDP, 4,951

16. Oju, Ona Clement, PDP, 1,235

17. Ohimini, Agbo Faith, PDP, 7,630

18. Okpokwu, Audu Amena, PDP, 28,183

19. Otukpo, George Alli, PDP, 31,146

20, Tarka, Suswam Juliana, PDP, 37,040

21, Ukum, Steve Ayua, PDP, 62,122

22. Asawa Joseph, PDP, 45,741

23, Tyoyer Pauline, PDP, 7,010

He announced that they were all duely elected and would be issued with their certificates of return on Monday, June 1.