Staying Healthy During Rainy Season

The rains have been around for months on end, of course, there’s no need to complain about the showers of blessing because you would always be reminded that it is its season.

In other words, rainy season is here with the attendant cold winds, which brings in its trail health concerns associated with this season such as common colds, flu, cholera, dengue fever, food and water infections are more prevalent during the rains.

Here are our tips to keep you feeling bright and sunny even though Mother Nature feels otherwise.

Have you ever wondered why people get more symptoms of common cold when they get soaked by the rain? Researchers found that chilling the body especially the feet can cause cold symptoms to appear in someone already prone to the cold virus.
Don’t get caught up in the rain without a way to protect yourself. Say strict ‘NO’ to rainy walks, wearing wet clothes or footwear.

Keep nutrition in mind and avoid eating street foods during the rainy seasons as much as you can. Do more home cooked meals and maintain high hygienic standards in the kitchen.

Without any doubt, this is one of the most important health tips to ensure your well-being in any season. Whenever you are out, the chances of you getting into contact with the germs is higher. Hence, washing your hands regularly is vital to keep those rainy season diseases at bay. This should be a must to have a habit for the kids as they are prone to catch illness easily. It’s not just any how washing of the hands, but thorough washing with soap for about a minute or two to make sure every dirt that may be hiding under your nails is out.

By maintaining your own hygiene, you can remain on the safer side. This also includes the habit of taking shower twice a day. Showering in the morning and once you get into the house after a hectic day, ensures that harmful bacteria are washed off and consecutively prevents you from the bacteria infections, which are rising these days. But remember, it has to be warm or hot water depending on your preference. Hot or warm water normalizes your body temperature from being too cold.


During this period, it is necessary to keep a hankie in your pocket or handbag. This will help in taking care of cough and cataarh and also limit the spread of germs when you are sneezing or coughing.

Using a hot balm during rainy season is also advisable. This helps to warm you up and also unblock your nostrils in the case of serious cataarh.

These few tips will help you in maintaining a healthy life during the rainy season