Russia’s coronavirus caseload surpassed 2 million on Thursday amid a surge of new cases and deaths in recent months.

Russia has recorded the world’s fifth largest caseload of the novel coronavirus, with 2,015,608 cases, according to a federal monitoring service that provides daily statistics.

The service on Thursday reported a record single-day rise in deaths – 463 – and new cases, more than 23,000.

Russia in total has reported nearly 35,000 deaths directly linked to the disease.

That death toll does not include individuals who had contracted the virus but were determined to have died from other causes.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has rejected reimposing lockdown measures that devastated Russia’s already struggling economy earlier this year.

Putin described the coronavirus situation “complicated but controllable” this week in a meeting with senior officials, according to a Kremlin transcript.

Russian federal authorities have ordered masks and gloves to be worn in all crowded public areas and have advised the elderly and other at-risk individuals to stay at home unless absolutely necessary.