Online Health Company Limited has launched a one-stop hospital for all through a telemedicine app called ‘Ohealth Odoctor’.

The App, according to the company, bridges the gap between health consultants and the public by bringing both parties together on-air for effective health delivery.

Announcing the development, Dr. Temitope Faronbi, Neurologist and founder of Ohealth Odoctor, said the recent and sudden effect of the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to the reality of how vulnerable human beings could be without a functional health facilities that lack too many layers of protocols and bottlenecks.

She said: “It is not a gainsaying that at this critical moment of human life, there is an ultimate and immediate need to bring health solutions closer to people where most needed to keep hope alive and preserve the human race as much as possible.

“The need to provide people with a better, faster and affordable health delivery system propelled the development of Ohealth initiative.”

Faronbi maintained that people’s experience in accessing healthcare had been mired with great difficulties, thus making them seek alternative care which oftentimes were not the best and had negative effects on their overall medical situation.

According to her, “Ohealth takes into consideration the purchasing power of the majority who cannot afford so much to see a doctor and developed three models in form of text chats, audio and video calls which allow anyone to talk to a qualified medical doctor and specialist with as low as N40 per chat, N100 per minute for audio call and N300 per minutes for video call.”

She added that the medical doctors on the App platform were committed to the mission of saving lives and preserving the human race.

According to her, “They are going to be 24/7 available to attend to people across the globe as much as possible. Where they can’t due to unforeseen circumstances, you can book a session with them by dropping messages that will be attended to within 24 hours.”

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On the issue of confidentiality, she stressed: “Health information is personal and doctors are trained to respect and apply the rule of confidentiality when interfacing with patients even till after death.

“Similarly, the app also runs in a way that information is encrypted between the doctor and the patient.”

She informed that the new terrain of online health in which Ohealth was introducing was designed for global reach for the purpose of medical consultation and other health services customised for individual needs at an affordable price.

“The telemedicine app is a user-friendly app and works with android phones at a go which comes with text chat, audio and video call, thus making people live a healthy lifestyle.

“Hence, this new but effective health initiative will improve healthcare services and create an environment of trust and confidence for all stakeholders in Nigeria and globally,” she added.


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