What (not) to do on a first date

The first date is usually a memorable one. It is most likely the one that tends to be reminisced about. This explains why you should get it right. Below are some tips or dos and don’ts on a first date for people between the ages of 18-25.


Be on time. Most people like to operate on the Nigerian Time factor but if you want to create a good first impression you must keep to time.

Don’t go with a friend. The ladies like to do this and there’s a time and place for it. The first date is definitely not it. This usually happens when you don’t like the guy and you want to make him over spend his budget, but this should not be your thinking. Some also go with a friend because they need a buffer or don’t completely trust the guy. Then make sure the date is happening in a public place so you will have even more buffers but not on the date with you.

Be sure it’s in a public place. For the reason mentioned above. First dates are tricky, especially the early stage of getting to know each other. Be sure you are in a public and safe place.

Make sure you don’t end up in his house. No matter his reasoning, he needs to check if his lights are off, whatever trick he pulls DO NOT go there. This does not speak well of you. Don’t assume nothing will happen, even if nothing does, the first date should not end up in his house. Now, if you don’t care about what this says about you then disregard this tip.



This is one of the reasons you shouldn’t go back to his place but we know these days it can happen anywhere. Please reject this impulse. This creates the impression that you are too easy. Again, if you don’t mind being seen that way, do as you please.
Do be moderate in making your choice wherever he takes you to. Some girls like to test a guy’s limits and order the most expensive thing on the menu. Please don’t do it. That’s just plain greedy.
Do drop your phone for the duration of the date. The phone is not part of your date. This does not mean you shouldn’t take important calls but we all know not all calls are important. You can return some after your date. This has to do with going thru your social media feeds DURING a date. That is rude and annoying. Even if you claim to be a master at multi-tasking, the first date is not the day to showcase that skill.
Make sure you have ‘vex’ money. This is money that should cover your meal as well as your taxi fare home. All the more reason you should order what’s affordable. You never can tell when a date will go sour.

Do respect his opinions. The first date is not the date to raise the hard hitting political or religious topics. Keep the conversation light. And if he is strongly opinionated about something, try not to argue. Simply finish your date and decline a repeat if what he is opinionated about is a deal breaker for you.


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Do not appear desperate or bring up that ex that broke your heart. There’s a time to bare open your heart if you wish to and the first date is not it. Talking about things like your dream wedding, your dream house, etc is hint dropping and desperate and he doesn’t need all that. Also, please don’t ask how much he makes, leave that for the third or fourth date. And even then be subtle.



Do be on time. As a man, this applies to you even more. Being on time says I can be there for you, you can trust me and so on. Make being punctual at a first date a priority. The sloppiness can start at a later date.

Don’t expect anything from her, no matter how the date turns out. Please do not think that because you took her out and paid a certain amount for something, you’re entitled to “something.” Bear in mind you set this up. You called, she could have declined.

Do take her to where you know you can afford the highest priced meal. In as much as we are expecting her to be reasonable, be sure you have perused the menu and you can afford the highest thing just in case. This is to avoid any embarrassment of not having enough cash to back your claims.

Do treat her with respect. The same way you would want your sister or daughter to be treated, accord her that same respect. Open doors for her, walk her to her cab, pull out her chair, and drive her home if you have a car, no matter how the date ends. If you drive her home, do not go inside even if she asks you in. Wait for her to go in then you drive away.

Don’t host her in your house. There will be a date to show off your cooking skills or your ordering in skills but not on a first date. Yes, we know you have self control but hosting her at home is just bad taste on your part. Don’t forget emotions could run high!

Do respect her opinions. Keep the conversation light. Do not order for her, no matter how much you know the menu. You can suggest but don’t press it on her or be too demanding.

Don’t go out of your way to impress her. Telling her about your father’s wealth or big family name will only tell her you can be Mr. Money bags and not for something serious. Now, if this is your goal, then by all means, go for it.



Girls can always smell a phony deal from a mile away so please be yourself. Now if being yourself is an unpleasant character then it’s left for her to decide if that’s what she wants.

These are just a few tips to get you successfully through the first date and create a good memory.. Who knows, this is the one that sticks! You would want to have a good memory to reflect on in future. Good luck!