No Vote was Recorded for PDP in Kururuwa-1 Polling Unit – Witness Tells tribunal

A witness, Mr. Sam Mbok, on Monday told the Election Tribunal sitting in Jos, Plateau that no vote was recorded for Timothy Golu of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, during the 2019 elections at the Kururuwa-I polling unit of Pankshin.

Golu is challenging the declaration of Mr. Yusuf Gagdi, by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, as duly elected representative of Pankshin, Kanke and Kanam Federal Constituency in the National Assembly election of March 9.

Mbok, during cross-examination by Golu’s counsel, Mr. Sunday Oyawole, told the tribunal that no single vote was recorded for Golu on the final result sheet even though he scored 303 votes.

“Defence witness, look at Exhibit P3, confirm it’s the result sheet for Kururuwa-1 polling unit in Pankshin? He answered, “yes it’s my Lord.”

“Please look at Exhibit R2X, the final result sheet, and confirm to this honourable tribunal that there is no result for Kururuwa-1 there. Mbok said, “there isn’t.”

“Look at P3, which is the result sheet for Kururuwa-1 polling unit, tell the tribunal what PDP scored that wasn’t recorded. Mbok said, “PDP scored 303 votes.”

“But you know that results from polling units are all expected to be recorded on that total result sheet? Oyawole asked and the witness answered in the affirmative, “yes, they are.”

Again, Oyawole showed Mbok another result sheet meant for Barak polling units, where PDP scored 374 but only 324 votes were recorded and he (Mbok) answered in affirmative, “yes only 324 votes were recorded on the result sheet.”

After Oyawole’s cross-examination, Garba Paul, told the tribunal that he wasn’t continuing with the defence but had finished with the business of the day and asked for an adjournment.

“My Lord, we are through with the business of today and wish to apply an adjournment to enable us prepare well,” Pwul solicited.

At that pronouncement, the tribunal furiously declared, “you must be joking. You just took one witness and you are asking for an adjournment even after you told us you have 25 witnesses to take in the three days we gave you?”

“This is your second day out of the three given you for your defence and you have succeeded in taking only two witnesses, yet you are asking for adjournment.

“We won’t take that from you. Don’t try to be smart with us. We have no time to waste please; just call your witnesses and let’s proceed with the business of the day,” the tribunal declared.

Pwul, in his defense, said, “my Lord, we didn’t know that the prosecution (Golu) and 2nd Respondent, APC, would tendered the documents they tendered today and so we have to re-strategise

“We are not even going to take Mr Idris-Tal today, because of that, and so wish to apply for an adjournment to enable us bring our remaining witnesses from Kanam, Kanke and Pankshin LGAs,” Pwul Pleaded.

Oyawole, however, objected to the application, as he described it as an “outright ploy’ to deny us of fair hearing.”

“But My Lord, for a party that wishes to waste our time should be made to pay cost. We are asking for N50, 000 cost if we should concede to the adjournment,” he applied.

The tribunal, in its ruling, described the attitude of Pwul as “very surprising” and “unreasonable” and a “total waste of time of the tribunal.”

The tribunal however awarded a cost of N20, 000 against the 1st respondent, Gagdi, and then adjourned the case to July 2 for continuation of hearing.