NIS Generates N39.06 Billion as Local Revenue in 2018 — NBS

The Nigeria Immigration services, NIS, generated N39.06 billion in 2018 as against N35.72 billion it generated as local revenue in 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, said.

The bureau said this in its “Immigration Statistics of 2018”, obtained from the NBS website on Sunday in Abuja.

According to the report, the increase in revenue represents a positive growth of 9.34 per cent.

Detailing the categories of revenue, the report said that Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Aliens Card (CERPAC), generated the highest revenue of N20.35 billion in 2018 and N19.03 billion in 2017.

It also said that revenue from Passports recorded N14.77 billion in 2018, while N13.17 billion was generated in 2017.

For ECOWAS/African Affairs, N126.1 million was generated in 2018, while N65.2 million was generated in 2017.

Also, for Non-Refundable Revenue Operations, N306.4 million was recorded for 2018, while 2017 revenue stood at N169.92 million.

Address verification recorded N2.07 billion in 2018 and N1.78 billion in 2017, while Extension of Visitors’ Pass generated N1.42 billion in 2018, a figure lower than the N1.47 billion generated in 2017.

Other revenue (internally generated) recorded N20.29 million in 2017, while the record for 2018 was not yet available.

The statistics reflected that a total of 1,011,158 passport applications were received in 2018 as against 720,958 received in 2017.

“This represents about 40.25 per cent positive growth. 173,461 of the 2018 figure are minor, 779,905 are adults and the remaining 57,792 are senior citizens.

“A total of 185,657 passports were issued at the foreign missions in 2018 as against 152,163 issued in 2017, while the number of visa issuance at the foreign missions was put at 120,697.

“This represents 4.82 per cent positive growth”, it added.

It also said that 1,036,682 passports were issued in Nigeria in 2018 as against 872,864 issued in 2017, indicating 18.77 per cent increase.

For visas issued on arrival, 30,666 was recorded for 2018 against 22,620 in 2017 indicating 35.37 per cent increase.

The statistics also showed that a total of 4,529,153 international travellers’ movement was recorded across all Nigerian borders in 2018, as against 3,715,268 in 2017, implying a representation of 21.91 per cent positive growth.

On migration cases for 2018, it said 78 human traffickers were arrested, 209 irregular migrants were intercepted, 34 suspected smugglers of migrants were arrested, while 453 human trafficking and child labour victims were rescued.