Hey guys, for the past few weeks or so, I had been sharing my opinions on the goings-on in Nigeria. I think it’s time to talk about me now. Lol.

We all know what happened last week in Anambra during Obi Cubana’s mum’s burial at Oba, right? Omo, your girl is here to report what she saw – LIVE and DIRECT! So I have a friend who is with one of the guys that’s kinda close to Obi ( No, names won’t be named ) and she was going with her man and asked me to tag along. I didn’t have anything better to do in Lagos so I was like, “Why Not?” Boy, am I glad I went?

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First of all, it’s one thing to see all that wealth and opulence on social media, it’s another thing to see it in person!! All you saw online plus what you didn’t see really did happen and it was crazy!! These guys are RICH.. and they do know how to treat you well. We were lodged in one hotel, 426 or something like that I can’t remember. My friend had her room, because of me I guess, though, of course, she spent time with her man but when she wasn’t with him and we weren’t in the thick of things, we used her room. It was a nice space and, of course, we could get anything we wanted and not worry about the bill. We had a great week taking advantage of this tbvh.

I can’t remember the actual festivities itself as per the burial because every other thing happening overshadowed it. But what’s my own? I had a lovely trip out of it and some spending money to boot. Yes o! Her man sent me back with some cool cash.

I saw desperation at it’s peak. From both men and women. It’s crazy how in the midst of such display of wealth you could still see poverty written all over people who were scrambling to pick money and all of that. This part made me sad.

I wasn’t even looking to snag a man of my own but trust me that would have been the place to do so because they were in abundance. I know ladies came from all over for this purpose and it was kinda sad to see because if you didn’t have an invite, the embarrassment was something else as some of them were bounced. I did make some contacts of my own as the baby girl that I am, but we will see how that pans out.

Moral (lol) of the story: Get friends who can get you invites to places where things are happening beautifully in Nigeria!

Till next time, upgrade your circle fam!