June 12: Red Rose Day

Flowers especially roses have long been exchanged as gifts of endearment amongst loved ones.

The rose flower is especially popular and is in fact one of the most popular flowers given to show love.

A not-too-well known fact is that the Red Rose Day takes place on June 12, 2019. It is a day set aside to appreciate this particular flower. This day is a national day celebrated in the United States of America as red roses are in bloom in June.

Roses have been used to symbolize a lot of things but the red rose itself has many significance.

The red rose signifies love and strong emotions. It is the universal language of love.

They also signify passion. If someone gifts you red roses it shows that he or she really loves you and greatly desires you. This is why it is the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day.

In ancient Roman and Greek, red roses were linked with Venus, the Goddess of love and Aphrodite, the Greek counterpart.

The red rose has also been linked to love and romance in the Eastern culture as well as in ancient Arab.

In modern day culture, they are used in dating and courtship. Different flowers and colours mean various things. For lovers, red roses in beautiful hand bouquet are meant and intended for intimacy.

Roses are also ornamental plants grown for their beautiful flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They are the most commercially cut flowers and are also used in making perfumes. Some are used as landscape plants, for hedging as rose bushes.

Red Rose Day is a time for gardeners, florists, romantics and anyone with an appreciation of their beauty to come together and enjoy the rose in all its splendour.

Happy Red Rose Day!!