Hi everyone, so today’s entry is largely influenced by the whole Derrick Jaxn situation that has been broiling all over the internet for the past week or so. If you don’t know (and I don’t know which rock you have been under lol ) lemme recap.

Derrick Jaxn is this big relationship expert and christian who used to tell women what not to take from their men and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, the cookie crumbled just last week, when a blog exposed him for cheating on his wife of 12 years with multiple women! The blog maintained that he had even brought women into their matrimonial home!

Based on this revelation, the internet went crazy! Jaxn denied it on YouTube, but a day later he sat with his wife to make a video admitting that he did it all! His wife has forgiven him and they are still together and working on their relationship (according to them ) but it got me thinking.

It’s one thing to cheat on me privately where it stays between you and me and maybe some other people but it’s a different ball game entirely to cheat on me in front of the whole world! Omo! I don’t know how I could forgive a man I was in a committed relationship with if he did that. Key word here is ‘committed’ because if it’s someone I’m just knocking boots with then that’s ok.

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Some years ago when I was still a girl (I’m a woman now ), I was with this boy for like 8 months and a friend told me he was seen kissing another girl at a joint we used to frequent, I cried my heart out! I remember being so upset and I almost failed my Year one finals that time. I sha broke up with him after that and he didn’t even get on with the girl he was kissing so I don’t even know what was the scope of the infidelity.

I’m a grown woman now and I like to define my relationships because that lets me know if we are going to be exclusive or not. For now, I’ve not been exclusive with anyone for a long time so I can beat my chest and say, no son of Adam is creeping on me on the side. I couldn’t take it to be very honest.

Cheating is a deal breaker in a relationship for me, I don’t think I could ever trust a man again after that. This is not to say the women who do take their men back are stupid o, I mean Beyoncé took Jay Z back when he cheated. I’m just saying I couldn’t do it. It’s not for me.

How about you? Is cheating a deal breaker in your relationships? Would you take your man back?

Till next time, do away with your side pieces pls, before you get exposed! 🤣 Toodles!