If you’re up to date on your slang dictionary, you know what ghosting means, eh? Ok, for those who don’t it’s when a guy or girl ends a relationship without an explanation. You know, how it plays out: The person just stops communicating without addressing why.

Back to my gist. I’m sure in my lifetime, I’ve ghosted several guys. Yes, I mean that word “several.” That’s life on the fast lane has thought me, if you understand what I mean. It’s not news, after all, we all do.

But the fact remains that when I do, it’s usually because the person in question wasn’t interesting and I knew nothing would come out of it or it was just me slumming tbh. In most cases, the guy may have found me the same as well, so, no biggie! I always feel bad though even when I knew it was a ‘we’re talking’ type of situation and not much of a relationship, anyways. Come to think of it though some guys deserve to be so ghosted especially those non-performing, uninteresting, and “dulling” and ones.

However NOTHING could have prepared me for being ghosted by a guy I liked!
NOTHING! So I ‘met’ this guy online sometime last year and we chatted for a little while and it was cool. When we exchanged numbers there were a few calls here and there. On the day before the ghosting, we talked for over two hours! Meaningful conversation too! Everything was just clicking, we seemed to be what each other needed! I was excited for the first time in a while. No, I wasn’t picking asoebi colors but I was planning the Berger-Ajah trip in my head, if you know what I mean. The conversation was that lit. Only for Oga to drop the call abruptly (had an incoming call ). In a jerky voice, he said he would call back and that was it! Of course, he never did.

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I called the next day, but bros didn’t pick. He just sent an instant message, ‘hey, how are you?’ – with an emoji. Since then, radio silence. It’s now 2021 and I’m still shocked. Was the cosmic explosions only on my end? I don’t gerrit. I’m almost questioning my voice call game. I mean should we have stayed chatting? Welp!!

Anyways, your girl moved on o, or tried to move on. It’s a new year and definitely no time to waste time. I think of Mr. S. (as we shall call him) with fondness of what could have been. I also tender my apologies to every one I’ve ghosted before, I didn’t know it ‘used to pain like this’ Please forgive me, I have repented.

Till next time, ghosting is bad, don’t do it. Toodles.

PS: Have you ever been ghosted?? Please share how yours happened I want to know.

PPS: You know I will have updates on if Mr. S rekindles chatting (I am still holding on to a teeny piece of hope lol ) So check back!