Herders-farmers Conflicts: Miyetti Allah Calls for Collaboration Among Religious Leaders

The leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, MACBAN, have said should collaborate to unite the various religious groups in the country and for peaceful resolution of the farmers-herders’ conflicts.

MACBAN’s National Secretary, Baba Ngelzarma, made the call on Wednesday during a courtesy visit by a delegation of the association to the national leadership of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, in Abuja.

He solicited for support for “all government initiatives toward solving the farmers-herders conflicts.”

He said: “MACBAN wishes to request the partnership of CAN in uniting the different religious groups in the country for peaceful resolution of the farmers-herders conflicts.

“We should unite against hatred and support all government initiatives toward solving the conflict.

“We believe the 10 years plan will guarantee efficient time for pastoralists to learn new techniques of Livestock production.

“MACBAN will require that government implements the plan as designed in order to assist the pastoralists through proper extension services and training over the plan period to properly learn how to manage livestock efficiently.

“Both MACBAN and the umbrella body of farmers, AFAN, benefited in training organised by the Presidency on peace-building and conflict resolution.

“We seek the cooperation of CAN to be part of our National Campaign to reorient our youth to fear the Almighty, inculcate values of handiwork, empathy and being our brothers keeper irrespective of their faith.

“Like all other communities we have our bad eggs and we have not relented in fishing them out all across the country.

“We have been to Ebonyi, Ekiti, Enugu, Katsina, Oyo and now Zamfara to assist in resolving conflicts with our members.

“We are grateful for the level of understanding and cooperation we have received from the state governments in resolving some of these security issues.”

Responding, the National Chairman of CAN, Rev. Supo Ayokunle, assured his guests that CAN will look into their proposal.

He called for prayers for the country noting that “the devil was at working” making Nigerians to fight each other.

“I will urge all of us to be prayerful because I see the devil at work, provoking men to do things that are very odd, things that for years ago you cannot think can happen in Nigeria.

“Devil is at work and it will make us to be fighting ourselves. If we are not careful we will not be able to chase him out.

“It is with our collectivity that we can chase the devil away.

“We have received your move with appreciation, we will sit down and articulate it to be well informed on all these proposals you have raised,” the CAN President said.