Girl Code is that unwritten rule that all girls stick to or at least try to stick to. It mostly has a lot to do with how girlfriends should act around each other’s boyfriends or exes. Example “You are never in any case to date a friend’s ex or a guy who she was really into” and stuff like that but this past few days someone prominent shattered the girl’s code as we know it and it got me thinking!

For those who don’t know let me give you a refresher course. Porsha Williams from Real Housewives of Atlanta announced she was dating (and we later heard ENGAGED ) to the soon-to-be ex husband of another lady, Falynn who was introduced on the show as Porsha’s friend! The internet went bonkers! Maybe the lady really wasn’t her friend (like she said ) and maybe she was separated from her husband for a while everyone speculated but whatever the case may be, it didn’t look good.

So, now I’m thinking, would you move on a friend’s ex man? Date him and then even get engaged? What has to be the degree of separation before each other’s exes can be dated? For instance, if the girl in question is a friend of a friend and not your personal friend can you date her ex? When does Girl code take effect really? We gotta define it clearly o.

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Let me share my own personal experience. So there was this guy that I dated a long long time ago but we stayed friends. Fast forward to recently, he called a girlfriend of mine and asked to see her. She told me about it and I was cool because the ‘friend group’ sometimes crossed over. Then I can’t even remember what happened, I think she texted me that she got the vibe he wanted more and I was like what? In my opinion, because we are still friends and I’m close to the girl, I felt he was not an option! I had some girlfriends who saw it with me and others who felt he was fair game. What do you all think? I sha told the girl you can’t date him or even knock boots with him cause it would be weird! Lol. She’s a girl’s girl so she got it and we moved on. We are still friends.

So who was right in this? Me who felt they shouldn’t have anything to do with each other or those who felt he was fair game? Would you date a friend’s ex? A close friend’s ex or a distant friend’s ex? Let’s discuss