Father’s Day was this past Sunday and your faves were at it again. Father’s Day as the name implies is set aside to celebrate men who are fathers; not single women who are taking care of their kids. There’s enough Mother’s Days for that, certainly we can leave one day for the men, right?

We all know some men are deadbeats. All they do is donate sperm and them it’s adios. So some single mothers end up being the ones who provide wholly and solely for their kids. It is admirable that they are stepping up to fill the vacuum created by irresponsible fathers. This class of women/mothers should indeed be celebrated but not on Father’s Day!

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Celebrities who did the whole Father’s Day post were Mercy Aigbe, Tonto Dikeh and T Boss. They wrote long messages about how they were the fathers in their kids lives and all that. My question is what’s the point? Your kid will know you were the one who was there for them so it’s not for the child. Is it for us? I mean social media people (online) who don’t even care about you? I think the whole thing is meant to shade men who have abandoned their responsibilities and this is why I have an issue.

Why are you giving a man who you should ignore a foothold in your life by shading him? It means he still lives rent free in your head. It’s giving them an opportunity to shine on that day. They should go the whole day without anyone referencing that they are dads, albeit irresponsible ones. I feel it’s in poor taste to write long epistle celebrating yourself on Fathers Day as a woman. Let those men be! Karma will sort them out. Do you want every Father’s Day in the life of your kids to be spent thinking about the father that let you and them down?

I really wish they would leave this day alone and let the men that do show up for their kid enjoy their day. But I know come next year, longer stories would be written about irresponsible fathers and why they deserve to be dragged. Hopefully, some will learn that it only brings pain and no joy.

What do you think of women celebrating themselves on Father’s Day?