Mr. Charles Anike, National President of Eastern Union (EU), a political pressure group for the people of Old Eastern Region, has said going by the verdict of the Presidential Election Tribunal, which gave victory to President Muhammadu Buhari last Wednesday, the Nigerian people have lost the only chance of advancing the nation’s democracy.

Speaking to The NEXT EDITION on Friday, Anike maintained that the tribunal judgement, which he described as shameful, said the action of the five justices was clear that the judiciary in Nigeria is no longer the last hope of the common man.

It would be recalled that the Presidential Election Tribunal last Wednesday, in a unanimous ruling, gave the victory of the 2019 presidential election to President Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressives Congress (APC) over former Vice President Abubakar Atiku of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Anike said: “Except if the Supreme Court takes courage to reverse it, Nigerians and people everywhere in the world that have been following up with the 2019 election litigations were shocked to hear some learned gentlemen toying with the destiny of over 200 million people. Where on earth can you interpret that someone who has no certificate to show is educated?

“We thought we had problems before, but it is now that we have problems, now that men of the bench can openly join force to oppress the less privileged. In fact, we lost our value of existence as a people.

“With the judgment, no country in the world will ever take Nigerian government and its people serious, talk less of coming here to invest their money.”

Anike, however, prayed that the justices at the Supreme Court would be courageous and would not tow the same line, “if not, there will be no future for this generation of Nigerians, because the damage will be irreparable, since it will remain a reference.”

He described the tribunal judgment as the worst judicial pronouncement ever, since Nigeria became independent, adding, “if the Supreme Court does not reverse it, nobody will ever take the Nigerian court serious.”


  1. By Nigeria law if Buhari has no certificate he supposed to be disqualified, but that does not mean he has no ability to rule. Our fore fathers either in Africa or elsewhere many had no classroom education but they are still referred till tomorrow.
    My own main concern is the lies about server or no server. Nigeria budgeted billions and supplemented billions on it.
    First INEC came and told us they have no server. It was so insulting to our common intelligence
    Then came another twist that electronic vote/election is illegal
    If it is illegal and billions if not trillion has been spent on illegality, don’t they have question to answer in wasting our money on illegality.
    It is shameful, wasting hundreds of billion on illegality and running after some labeled corrupt citizens on thousand or millions in a country that can not pay 30,000 naira as monthly salary to citizen.

  2. It’s quite unfortunate, Human being commence their own judgement and forget that there is a right judge, who have the final say in any judgement. may God help Nigeria.

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