The Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society Nigeria (NASFAT) has advised parents on the need for good parenting to curb crime in the society.

The Muslim group made the call on Monday during a prayer that marked the end of 2022 Ramadan period that which had lasted 30 days.

The society had gathered at NASFAT Islamic Centre in Aseese, Ogun, to end the period of faithful’s spiritual rebirth, make worshippers deepen their faith in the religion and pray for peace in Nigeria.

The NASFAT’s Chief Missioner (CM), Imam Abdul Azeez-Onike, regretted youths’ involvement in social and unwholesome conducts including kidnapping and illicit drugs consumption.

He said that parents need to be alive to their responsibilities and ensure good parenting to halt crime in the society.

According to him, the future of the society will be bleak if both parents and the authorities do not take concerted efforts to re-orient youths on acceptable societal value.

“The society is drifting.

“This is the time for everyone to preach social redeeming value to the younger ones to redirect their perspective toward national value orientation,” he said.

He encouraged Muslim faithful to remain resolute in their faith to claim good reward in eternity.

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Onike asked worshippers to always pray for peace in the country.

He also urged the Federal Government to adequately fund the nation’s security operatives to enable them protect the citizens against banditry and other heinous crisis.

Also, the Chairman of the Central Ramadan Committee, Mr. Kamar Olawuyi, said that Ramadan was an injection ascribed for growth.

Olawuyi urged Nigerians to show love to one another, shun hatred and bad blood for a better society.

According to him, the essence of the Ramadan period will be lost if peoples’ ways of life were fraught with self-centeredness and other misconducts that bring perennial conflicts and crises to the society. (NAN)