Mrs Olusola Sowemimo, an agro entrepreneur, has advised Nigerians to consume only naturally-grown food, devoid of chemicals, and livestock raised from non-synthetic inputs, vaccines and antibiotics to curb the spread of cancer.

Sowemimo, founder of Ope Farms, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Thursday in Abuja.

She said that organically grown food was the major medicine given to cancer patients but, specifically, certified organic foods.

“Other countries have gone very far with organic practice but it seems Nigeria is not giving serious consideration to it and that is why cancer and other food-related ailments are on the increase, and yet we can do more.”

According to her, organic farming like most businesses, requires deep knowledge and constant upgrading, and everyday affords one an opportunity to consistently and deliberately learn something new.

“After learning, trials are necessary because from that one is able to create processes that would ensure its sustainability.”

Sowemimo, a Lawyer-Farmer, stressed that losing her mother to cancer became the driving force to starting up an internationally recognised organic farm which had now won several awards.

”I needed a closure on the matter and I travelled out of the country to stay with my sister-in-law where I received an unsolicited email inviting me to the Cancer Control conference in 2013.

“I wondered why a whole conference will be dedicated to cancer.

“While at the conference, I discovered that over 80 per cent of the participants were cancer survivors.

“I went to buy a recorder and started interviewing them.

“At that moment I made a promise to myself that I would only grow food that will either keep people healthy or heal people,’’ she said.

She stated that she was challenged by the fact that if the cancer survivors were alive and well just because of the kind of food they ate then Nigerians deserved the same opportunity.

“My light bulb moment was putting everything together and realising that food was their major medicine and specifically certified organic food.

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“A lot has already been said about the four guiding principles of an organic farm; these principles are still what guide the operations of Ope Farms till date.

“They are fundamental to the way we run our farm and they form the bedrock for organic agriculture.

She said that when we one talked of the principle of health one was talking about the health of the soil, health of our workers, health of our consumers.

“So, when one considers this principle, one will be reluctant to pour chemicals on the food that other human beings will eat,’’ she added. (NAN)