COVID-19: Reactions Trail Reopening Of Schools In Kaduna

Mixed reactions from Kaduna residents have trailed the reopening of schools as some say the move is timely while others express pessimism over the development.

The Federal Government had hinted on the reopening of schools for graduating pupils and students of primary 6, JSS 3 and SSS 3 to take their final year examinations.

The move was part of the government’s next phase of easing lockdown restrictions that followed the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak.

A cross section of residents interviewed by NAN correspondent on Tuesday gave divergent views on the reopening of schools considering rising cases of COVID-19 in the State.

Mrs Elizabeth Bala, a civil servant resident at Sabo, said the move was necessary considering the time that has already been wasted during the lockdown.

She, however, said that necessary precautionary measures should be put in place by respective schools.

“The returning of these category of students would allow for proper monitoring and strict adherence to preventive measures against the spread of COVID-19.

Malam Khalid Mamman, a public school teacher who resides in Ungwan Nupawa, said schools had already made proactive arrangements for the return of the students.

“Although we are well aware of COVID-19 but the students need to be groomed before their exams to realise their expectations.

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“I am aware that respective schools have provided the needed materials including hand washers, sanitisers and Infrared temperature machines and protocols for strict adherence to social distancing,” he said.

Mr. Clarence Chukwu, a medical practitioner resident in Abakwa, told NAN that reopening of schools is a risky venture.

Chukwu said that students are more susceptible to spreading and contracting COVID-19 because of their ‘volatile’ disposition.

He added that, “you cannot completely moderate students’ interaction especially during break times.

“I think the Government should reconsider its decision and work out modalities for the students to write their expectations otherwise, we’ll be creating a situation that may eventually be unmanageable,” he explained.

Mrs Maimuna Garba, Head Teacher of a private school in Ungwan Rimi, maintained that e-learning remained the best option for students considering the lingering cases of COVID-19 in the state.

“Although the government has already issued its directives, lessons and examination for promoting students should have been conducted electronically with strict supervision.

“Much as education is very important, the health and lives of the students and teachers are equally precious,” she added. (NAN)