Coronavirus: Royal Staff Tests Positive
Queen Elizabeth

A royal worker who has been in contact recently with the Queen has tested positive for coronavirus sparking renewed fears for the health of the monarch.

The footman may have come into contact with the Queen while he had the coronavirus as duties include walking her dogs, handing her letters and taking her drinks and meals. The member of staff is currently in self-isolation to try and recover from the deadly virus.

More than 1,000 people have died from the pandemic across the UK and Prime Minister Boris Johnson has written to every household urging people to stay at home to avoid spreading COVID-19.

People are able to spread the virus even if they are not showing symptoms, which is why there are concerns for the Queen and the Duke.

The Queen is 93-years-old and would fit into the Government’s ‘vulnerable’ category of the population with regards to the virus.

Her husband, Prince Phillip is 98-years-old and the pair of them have moved to Windsor Castle where they are being looked after by fewer staff than normal.

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One royal source said to The Sun: “Everyone is terrified, not just for themselves but also for the Queen and the Duke.

“If everyone around them hasn’t been tested yet they should be and I’m sure they will be.

“There is a palpable sense of fear in the air at the moment.”

Recall that Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus.

The Prince of Wales has been self-isolating at Balmoral in Scotland and said he only had mild symptoms.

His wife, the Duchess of Cornwall however, tested negative.