Chinese doctors, together with their Ghanaian counterparts, have successfully removed a lipoma more than 20 centimeters in diameter from a Ghanaian patient, the Chinese medical team to Ghana told Xinhua Monday.

The male patient, 61, had the lipoma on his back and also suffered from overweight, high blood pressure, respiratory obstruction and some other illnesses.

The team said such illnesses had delayed the patient treatment for a long time due to a high risk of failure in the operation, which made it a complicated case of the kind in the country.

Zhuang Shaohui, chief of the team, said the patient’s respiratory tract had been obstructed by a lipoma on his neck making it extremely difficult to apply anesthesia.

She added that could bring other possible complications during and after the surgery.

“We felt very stressed after being told we were his last hope but we were resolute in saving his life despite the enormity of the task.”

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Zhuang, noted that the team later worked around the clock to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan after consultations with Ghanaian counterparts.

“The surgery was carried out on Oct. 16. People watched the surgery and cheered at every major step we have accomplished in the process.

“It went smoothly, we felt blessed when he woke up with a word of thanks.

“The patient recovered well and has been discharged from the hospital, she said.

She said the surgery is another indication of effective cooperation between Chinese doctors and their Ghanaian counterparts.

Meanwhile, China has dispatched 10 medical teams to Ghana, which significantly contributed to the West African country’s health sector. (Xinhua/NAN)