Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore
Yellowing Eyes And Skin

 Yellowing Eyes And Skin

Changes in the skin are serious and should never be ignored. Your skin and eyes are like a canvas in that they are good indicators of your overall health and well-being. There are many different illnesses that can cause color changes in the skin and eye areas. Liver issues including liver cancer are one of the most common causes of yellowing of the eyes. This condition occurs because when the liver cannot eliminate toxins, there is a build up of the substance that is responsible for the color of bile. When this is in high levels in the bloodstream, it will cause skin and eyes to turn disturbingly yellow. Cirrhosis of the liver or damage from hepatitis infection is common causes of jaundice.

Swallowing Issues

A common cold or similar can cause swallowing issues, however, swallowing difficulties that are becoming more frequent are a real cause for concern. Throat cancers and even lung cancer can cause difficulty in swallowing. Weight loss and the inability to keep food down are additional warming signs you should be on the lookout for. Your doctor may wish to screen you for several types of cancer if swallowing issues continue to be something you are experiencing. If swallowing trouble is part of a series of symptoms such as shortness of breath or lack of energy then even if it is the first time you have experienced difficulty swallowing it is well worth the time and money to see a doctor.


Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


Many of us experience bloat at one time or another however if you are experiencing it very often you should be asking yourself why you are. Bloat can mean that fluid is building up in your body as a result of a tumor and cancer. This fluid can spread throughout your body and cause massive weight gain. Bloating can be a sign of many different cancers, and only your doctor can diagnose you properly. Medications and hormones can contribute to bloating issues. Ovarian cancer frequently appears with bloating as one of the most noticeable side effects. If you have experienced a lot of bloat over the last few weeks, then get some help getting it under control.

Changes To The Voice

Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


A deeper or raspier voice that is not related to a cold or flu virus could be a sign of throat or lung cancer. Even if you don’t smoke, it is possible to develop cancers of the throat and lungs. If you are a smoker, then a raspier voice may be a sign that you finally need to seriously give up the habit. Women that develop ovarian cancer sometimes have dramatic voice changes due to the changes in hormone levels caused by the disease. If others start commenting on your voice, then you may consider getting your condition looked at by an expert that can help determine the cause of your symptoms.

Legs That Swell

Fluid retention from tumors and cancer can lead to severe swelling in the legs and feet. Pain and unusual discharge may indicate kidney or cervical cancers. Swelling that makes clothing and shoes not fit is considered excessive and should be looked at immediately for a diagnosis. Swelling legs can also be a sign of cardiac troubles. Heart attack symptoms and cancer symptoms are sometimes the same or very similar. Your doctor may prescribe medications to decrease fluid build up and advise you to changes in your diet. This is important to making sure that fluid doesn’t inhibit your ability to walk and get around. Sitting too much can increase fluid retention and cause further health issues.

Sweating At Night

Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


Getting too hot while sleeping is something most people experience occasionally at least in the summer months. If you find yourself waking up at night with clammy skin or drenched in sweat, then you may be coming down with or already suffering from an illness. It is important to document how often this occurs. Cancer of the lymph glands has night sweats as a side effect but of course, night sweats can be caused by many other illnesses. Severe stress and anxiety can be causes of the excessive night sweating. If other side effects accompany your night sweats, then you need to consider this and what it says about your health.

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Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


Your diet can have a major effect on your overall health and well-being. Sometimes acid reflux or indigestion is a sign that changes are needed. Frequent symptoms can point to a more serious condition and should be treated. Even if it is your diet, it is better to know sooner rather than later. When cancers are caught early on they can be more easily treated. Severe heartburn can be chest pains or discomfort that is characteristic of cancer or cardiac stress. Getting an accurate diagnosis will help make sure that you are not trying to treat the wrong thing.

Loosing Bladder Control

Frequent trips to the bathroom or always feeling like you have to go can be signs of cancer. Frequent urination can cause a lot of problems during the day. If you are losing control of your bladder entirely than you should definitely seek professional advice as soon as possible. The appearance of your urine is another important deciding factor. Changes in color should be noted. Some people experience the feeling that they can be never empty their bladder or have trouble getting started when they feel the urge to urinate. Keep in mind that if you take over the counter medicines such as AZO for urinary problems, it may change the color.

Migrating Belly Pain

Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


If you experience pain, that feels as if it moves from your belly to your back then it may be a sign that your pancreas is not working properly. Pancreatic cancer can go unnoticed until the person suffering from it starts to have pains. If your pain is occurring along with other symptoms such as nausea, bladder pain, or faintness, then there is further cause for concern, and you should see a medical professional immediately. Changes in skin tone and eyes are another sign that a cancer screening is in your best interest. Sharp pain that leaves you short of breath is extremely serious and requires immediate medical attention.

Major Vision Changes

Cancer Signs You Can’t Ignore


Dizziness and double vision are major signs that something is wrong. Seeing spots or colors that are not there signify that you need to have a check-up to determine the cause. Some medications can cause vision problems so make sure your doctor is completely aware of any vitamins, supplements, and medications you take. Sometimes the combination of many different substances can cause vision changes, and you might not be aware of the interactions that can occur. Brain tumors and eye cancers manifest themselves in the guise of vision changes during the early stages. Changes can occur gradually and not be as noticeable as you might think. This is but one reason an annual eye exam is recommended by medical professionals, especially if you already wear glasses or have experienced vision issues in the past.

Repeated Infections


If you experience frequent infections, this can signify that something is wrong with your immune system. Even recurrent yeast infections in women can mean that cancer is a possibility. There are instances where getting a few infections is simply bad luck, but if it is starting to be so frequent that it is interfering a lot with your life, then you should seek the advice of your general doctor. Your job and other environmental factors may be leaving your prone to infection so regardless of the reason for the infection, learning how to prevent them is well worth the time spent getting an expert opinion.



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