CACOL Writes Oyetola Over Supreme Court Ruling On Osun Governorship Election

The Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership (CACOL) has congratulated Adegboyega Oyetola on his Supreme Court reaffirmation as the Osun State governor last Friday.

CACOL, in a congratulatory letter made available to NEXT EDITION on Monday, while describing the Supreme Court verdict as heartening and the icing on the cake, said it was the final upholding of the sacred mandate unambiguously and unequivocally given to him by Osun people.

In the letter personally singed by Debo Adeniran, CACOL’s Executive Chairman, the group said: “We would recollect that this journey started with the mandate popularly given to you by your party men and women during their primaries exactly in July 2018 in a direct voting system that left no one in doubt as to your acceptance and popularity within the party hierarchies.”

According to Adeniran, CACOL saw the Supreme Court decision as further call to action, stressing that “It is our firm belief that Osun State, noted as ‘Omoluwabi’ state, literally meaning the state of good virtues, deserves nothing, but the best.

“It is in line with all of these and many more that CACOL, as an Anti-Corruption and Open leadership coalition, joins others in celebrating this hard won victory with you.

“We view this as not just a demand for continuation and consolidation of the enviable paradigm in good governance set by past administrations, especially your immediate predecessor, but more importantly, an opportunity offered to actually take Osun State to the real next level of socioeconomic development, especially as it relates with opening up the state more within the vista of greater physical development and economic prosperity for all of our urban and rural people.”

He maintained that though Osun State was reputed to be more of a ‘civil service’ state, the challenge would be how the Oyetola’s leaderships would catapult it into a state of modern agriculture and technical, pharmaceutical Eldorado.

“This is in view of our richly endowed demography and widely acknowledged human resources home and abroad. We expect a thoroughly and widely arranged summit on maximising the human and natural resources of this unique state to turn it into a creditor-state more than being a ‘debtor state’.

“With your enviable background in private and public service, it is our conviction that nobody is naturally better placed to achieve this shift in paradigm than Your Excellency. With all the legalistic and political hurdles totally removed from your footpaths, it is our hope that governance in Osun State would take a major swing from now henceforth.

“While we would continue to be partners in progress and active participants in your delivery of this constitutional mandate for good governance through provision of adequate security of lives and properties of the people and the state, making life more abundant for the people through near elimination of vestiges of penury like, inadequate power supply, unemployment and deterioration of living standard lack of access to basic health care and educational opportunities, etc, we intend to intensify our searchlight on performance at all levels of governance in the state and always keep you sensitised as you forge ahead through our monitoring mechanisms.”

These, Adeniran said, included the Osun Open Parliament (OOP) that had been pioneering in the state the already entrenched C-GATE (CACOL’S Good Governance, Accountability, Transparency Education), and last, but not the least, the ‘Oyeladeniran Foundation for Community Development (OFCOD) which was inaugurated by the former Executive Governor of State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola.

“The Foundation aims at re-awakening the socio-cultural heritage of the Adeniran family, Iresi community as well as that of the Yoruba nation that made our forebears utilise the values of self-worth to engage in self-help to become self-reliant, self-sustaining and self-sufficient without resorting to fraudulent practices and corruption that seems to control the sensibility of the contemporary people,” he added.