Breaking: Super Falons of Nigeria Beaten 3.0 by Norway

The Super Falcons of Nigeria have kicked started their 2019 Women’s World Cup Championship on a very sad note, bowing 3.0 to Norway, the former champions.

The team, which was not up to speed with the forward-looking Norway side fumbled at every opportunity in their first match of the Women’s World Cup championship.

The three goals were conceded in the first half of the match.

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The first goal of the match was scored by G. Reiten of Norway at the 17th minute of the first half, which was followed by another goal by Utland at the 34th minute of the match.

The most devastating moment came when Ohale from the Nigerian side scored an own goal at the 37th minute of the game.

Super Falcons are one of the seven teams to have made it to every edition of the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals since the inaugural competition in 1991.


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