Benue Govt. Knocks Akume Over Utterances During Visit To Buhari
Akume and Ortom

The visit to the Presidential Villa in Abuja last Friday by Senator George Akume and some APC supporters from Benue state has continued to attract negative reviews from Benue people.

Senator George Akume had led a group of APC supporters on a courtesy visit to President Muhammadu Buhari at the Villa, last week.

The Next Edition gathered that the visit was aimed at mapping out strategies to ensure the victory of the APC in Benue state, at the 2019 general elections.

However, the Special Adviser to Governor Samuel Ortom on Media and ICT, Tahav Agerzua has described the visit as a “Shameful Naked Dance At The Villa.”

Tahav, in a press statement he made available to newsmen in Makurdi said “that visit and his pronouncements further reinforced the view that the Senator who leads the APC in Benue State has become an obvious embarrassment as well as ill wind that will ultimately blow no one no good.

The statement read that Akume during the visit to the president accused the Benue State government of sponsoring the genocide in the Benue Valley.

Tahav said this pronouncement confirms the view that he is the arrowhead of the internal sabotage network working against the interests of the Benue people.

“From the foregoing, it is now apparent that the changing narrative on the Benue massacre as well as conquest and occupation agenda is the fabrication of Senator Akume who is also its chief marketer and promoter.

He noted that “the infamous jamboree came a day after Senator Akume was rebuked by the Vice Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army, Senator Abdullahi Danbaba, at plenary, for dereliction of duty as committee chairman.

“Senator Akume was absent, as usual, when the massive loss of Nigerian soldiers to Boko Haram terrorists a few days back was being discussed in the Senate. Incidentally, many of the victims are Benue indigenes including those from his constituency.

“This speaks volumes about how he values his core mandate. He would rather lead a delegation of political jobbers in a groveling visit to the Villa than concern himself with unraveling the circumstances surrounding the massacre of Nigerian troops.

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“We are not surprised that his vice chairman came to the floor to say his Committee is suffering from a leadership deficit due to the perpetual absence and lack of commitment from its Chairman.

Tahav said Senator Akume didn’t tell his hosts in Abuja that Benue people are poised to open a new chapter in their political development devoid of devilish tendencies and negative whimsical impositions.

“The people are tired of a leadership that has consistently held the state down since 1999. Through the visionary leadership provided by Governor Samuel Ortom, the people have now seen that development can only take place when the purse of the State is extricated from a desperate self serving oligarchy who believe only in themselves well above the interest of the rest of the State.

“His undemocratic posture has seen the APC witness a mass exodus, leaving behind an empty shell of a party as Nigerians will soon find out.

“The conduct of Senator Akume and those who followed him to denigrate their State in Abuja will be recorded as a sore point in the development of our polity.

“In spite of this calculated action to intimidate the State Government, we shall never relent with our voices, sweat and blood to stand as pillars in the defence of our people.

“We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that our people live in peace, security and dignity. For those who see the misfortunes of our people as a window to curry personal favours, we wish to remind them that long after the temporary benefits they will get have been exhausted, our dear State Benue shall remain and be governed by those freely chosen by our People.”