… Asks for Continuous Collaboration to Stimulate The State’s Economy

As part of continued efforts by the Udom Emmanuel administration to accelerate development process in Akwa Ibom State, a speedy process of signing and releasing Certificates of Occupancy especially to business operators has been activated.

It is a fast track process that would see companies genuinely interested in the economic development of the state and job creation getting their certificates of occupancy in record time, especially those who need such documents to raise funds to stimulate their businesses.

To speed up the process, the governor has decentralized the authority to issue the certificate and has mandated the Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources in the state to handle some aspects of the activity on his behalf.

Presenting the first certificate under this process to Master Plan Innovative Industries Limited, the Governor said the exercise is aimed at stimulating economic activities in the state and creating more job opportunities.

Represented by the Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, Pastor Umo Eno, the Governor noted that the COVID-19 pandemic had dealt a big blow to the global economy; and Akwa Ibom State is not an exception. He added that private business operators need their C of Os to raise funds and stimulate their businesses.

In Nigeria, a Certificate of Occupancy is an authorization document issued to an individual, a group  or an entity, conferring the right of occupancy of a particular property clearly defined by its location size, and signed by the Governor.

According to him “we understand that you need the C of O to raise funds to stimulate your business, and you are the first person to receive this under the new process.

“It is a privilege to, on behalf of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, present you your Certificate of Occupancy and trust that this will help you to progress your business; and through this exercise, the private sector will stimulate the economy of the State.”

Speaking with journalists shortly after the exercise, the Commissioner expressed satisfaction that the C of O has been signed particularly for businesses, to stimulate activities and help the private sector stimulate the economy.

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He said given the post COVID-19 economic challenges, private businesses need to raise finances, and the Governor having come from the private sector with full knowledge of the dynamics of doing business in Nigeria, has authorized the release of the C of Os. In his words, “this is first for businesses to stimulate the economy.”

Director of Master Plan Innovative Industries Limited, Mr. Victor UkoAbasi, earlier in his response had commended Governor Udom Emmanuel for making it possible for the company to receive its C of O, adding that his organization is on ground with facilities to bring a balance to the ecosystem of Akwa Ibom State and the adjoining States.

He disclosed that the company was venturing into recycling of plastics, nylons and allied materials that have caused a nuisance to Akwa Ibom State, pointing out that most of the drainages in the State are blocked by non-degradable materials, which he said is his company’s primary raw material.

Highlighting the importance of the private sector in an economy, UkoAbasi said “the private sector must constructively cooperate with government to ensure job creations. All things being equal, at least 100 to 200 youths of all categories will be involved in our organization.

“It has been a kind of a tortuous journey because we had raw materials supplied all the way from Port Harcourt and we had to transport them to Lagos because we couldn’t use the premises. But now, this is a great encouragement, so we say thank you to his Excellency, Governor Udom Emmanuel.”