Former Aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode has advocated for the immediate expulsion of South Africans from Nigeria.

In a long tweet at his personal handle @realFFK, he noted that the attacks on Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa was state sponsored.

He was reacting to a video clip showing South Africans on the streets demanding foreigners to leave.

“This is happening right now in Johannesburg, South Africa. Well organised and well armed South African mobs and killer squads are marching in the streets calling for all foreigners to leave and looking for Nigerians to kill.

“How long do we have to put up with this state-sponsored violence and extreme provocation? Will we turn the other cheek forever? Who will defend mother Nigeria and who will fight for us?

“Is our blood so easy to spill and are our lives so cheap? What is our government doing? What are our Armed Forces there for if not to protect our lives and defend our honor and people?

“The South African Government has openly encouraged and openly supported this great evil and the mass murder of our compatriots! Enough is enough! We cannot be expected not to retaliate in the streets of Nigeria! You cannot kill our people and expect yours to go free in our shores or for your corporations to have peace and security in our nation.

“If you shed innocent blood it will come back to you! I call for the expulsion of all South African citizens from Nigeria, the nationalisation of all South African companies and corporations that are operating in Nigeria, the breaking up of diplomatic ties with South Africa, a recall and relocation of all our citizens that live and reside in South Africa back home to Nigeria and, if the targeting and killing of our citizens does not stop, an apology tendered and full compensation paid by the South African Government, a declaration of total war with South Africa.” he said.

Recall that for nearly two weeks, foreigners have been on the receiving end of violent attacks in South Africa leading to reprisal attacks in some other African countries.


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