Being a Baby Mama has always been around but in recent times the number and acceptance of it seems to increase.

To define it informally,  a baby mama is the mother of one or more of a man’s children, especially one who is not his wife or current partner.

Some married men still called their wives baby mama because technically they are but that’s not the one I want to talk about today.

Let’s focus on the “baby mama” we all know where someone just gives birth to a man’s child or children that she’s dating whether they stay together without getting married or break up.

Would you do it? It has become kind of accepted in that some people won’t even blink when a woman is pregnant out of wedlock these days. Some women are even intentionally seeking that option either because they don’t want the hassle of a marriage (forgetting a child can tie you to a man even more than a marriage would ) or they are in it for financial gains. Let me break it down.

There are three types of Baby Mamas or should I say three different kinds of men you can be a baby mama to:

The first one is being a celebrity baby mama, i.e Chioma. This one is very common now in Nigeria and even outside Nigeria. Some women  knowingly seek this out and, personally, I don’t understand why it comes with a lot of scrutiny. The man may either be involved or be a deadbeat.

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The second one which is one I feel has been around for even longer time but isn’t in the spot light so it doesn’t get talked about as much is where you give birth to one rich man‘s child somewhere. Either one is a mistress and the pregnancy happens or the man is in a situation where his wife can’t conceive and he doesn’t want to divorce her so the baby mama comes.

It could also be a regular wealthy guy you dated and got pregnant for and you guys weren’t married yet or it didn’t work. Now, this last one I would sign up for. Even while I have my own money, I know my child won’t lack and I won’t have to deal with public eyes as would be the case if it were a celebrity.

Then the last one is being a baby mama when you and the father aren’t financially stable so you’re always running around for money or running after the man to care for your kid. He will most likely be a deadbeat and you will just be arguing all the time. This is just stressful without the glamour of being a baby mama that’s in vogue these days. Don’t do this one ladies, it’s not worth it.

The only reason some women intentionally choose to get pregnant without getting married or in a committed relationship in my opinion is because they want to have a child and enjoy their lives without the ‘hassle’ of a man. There’s no way you can live your best baby mama life with no money, lol. Money or no money, it still comes with its specific set of problems sha, so even though it’s acceptable now, it is still not hassle-free.

Knowing all the types now, would you choose that as a life for you? Baby Mama is in but are you in?

Toodles guys, till next time, I will be living my best baby girl life with nobody’s kids, please, lol.