We Won’t Be Under Kajuru Emirate, Kaduna Tribe Dares El-Rufai

The crisis in Kaduna State has taken another twist as Adara tribe pointedly told Governor Nasir El-Rufai, they cannot be forced to pay allegiance to his newly-created Kajuru Emirate.

Adara people constitute the majority in Kachia and Kajuru local government areas while the Hausa/Fulani heading the new emirate are less than 15 per cent of the population.

A communique issued by Adara Development Association, an umbrella group from the tribe, said the people vehemently reject attempts by the governor to coerce them into the new emirate.

Its National President, Awemi Maisamari, decried the abolition of Adara chiefdom and the subjugation of the people to the leadership of the new emirate.

“The challenges, incidents and tragedies presently confronting Adara Chiefdom are the greatest ever threat to the survival and wellbeing of the Adara nation,” the communique read.

“Notable among them are the aggressive official promotion of the Ladduga grazing reserve, frequent externally induced criminality, disdain for the will of our people on matters that affect them, four horrendous and brutal attacks on our people, the assassination of our paramount ruler and the abrogation of Adara Chiefdom.”

When all the crises facing the area are critically considered, the group said they pointed to the culpability of the El-Rufai administration.

“It is now clear to us that Adara nation, in general, has been earmarked for total subjugation and Adara Chiefdom and culture for outright extinction. This seems to be the most logical explanation in our situation.

“Zazzau Emirate, being almost half of Kaduna State has been left intact with its cultural and religious nomenclatures.

“Also, several smaller Chiefdoms and Emirates have similarly been allowed either intact or with minor changes.

“But Adara Chiefdom being the second largest in the state has been outrightly abolished. Its people have been balkanised and forcefully subordinated in the new Kachia Chiefdom and Kajuru Emirate.

“This was done to create the circumstances where the identity, culture and wellbeing of our people will be permanently suppressed, overshadowed and ultimately destroyed.”

The group said Adara communities were the most peaceful and accommodating in the state before murderous gangs arrived and the people tried unsuccessfully to defend themselves.

It said the people will reject every law, policy and programme aimed at destroying their Chiefdom, identity, culture and wellbeing.

Although they lacked the political and economic muscle to fight, the group said the people are strengthened by the justness of their cause, the support of people of goodwill, and the powerful force of Providence.

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The Adara group vowed to use available civil, democratic and legal means to fight the cause and as long as necessary.

After a thorough assessment of issues affecting the people, the group said Adara people have declared loyalty and support to Adara Traditional Council and Adara Chiefdom under the leadership of the Vice Chairman of the Council/Wazirin Adara Bawa Magaji.

“The community totally supports the on-going efforts of the traditional council to engage and dialogue with the government for the amicable resolution of all problems facing Adara nation,” the communique continued.