Winter is finally here!
Ed Sheeran

July 16th was a highly anticipated date for Game of Thrones fans.  For many here in Nigeria they  had to wait till the early hours of Monday to watch it.

If you’ve been following Game of Thrones from Season One, you will be very familiar with the term “winter is coming”.

Avid fans have been waiting since season one to know what exactly winter will bring and how it will all unfold.

Winter is finally here!
Ed Sheeran

A week ago in London, four casts sat for six hours individually to get in full make up and walked around London landmarks as Ghost walkers, all to gear and prepare the fans for this July 16th date. It was indeed a great show!

This series was so anticipated that the HBO site crashed! What a movement!!

While no spoiler will be given, one very shocking and pleasing fact is that popular British singer, Ed Sheeran joined the cast! As a Lannister no doubt!  With his messy, unruly red hair, many are now saying why didn’t they see it coming!

For those who have watched, those who have not should be given the time to catch up. Not to spoil it for anyone, please do leave a comment here when you do watch and let’s go into the world of the dragons and ghost walkers together.

The next episode airs on July 23rd, so that will be July 24thfor Nigerians.

For the next 7 episodes many are eager and excited to be enthralled as usual in that fantasy world.

Till then – Valar Morghulis…  and you say Valar Dohaeris!!!!