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A medical practitioner, Dr. Peter Atangwho, on Saturday explained that applying deodorants to armpits to prevent body odour does not cause breast cancer.

Atangwho, the Chief Executive Officer of TeleMed Online Clinic, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that scientists had not found evidence showing that parabens used in cosmetic production, such as deodorants, cause breast cancer.

“Just because breast cancer most often develops in the upper outer quarter of the breast which is the area closest to the armpit where deodorant is normally applied, people tend to believe that deodorants cause breast cancer.

“This is not true and there are no scientific evidence in this regard. Therefore, people should wear deodorants to reduce or prevent offensive body odour.”

Atangwho noted that the problem of offensive body odour was being taken for granted among the populace.

“As long as the body is well-hydrated and temperature okay, one is likely to sweat in the armpits sometimes without knowing, it is when you perceive your
armpit that you discover it actually

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“That is why you need to bath at least once a day and complement with deodorants. Most deodorants like rollons stop sweat from smelling but do not stop sweat from being produced as it is natural to sweat.

“There are glands in your skin called apocrine glands which frequently secrete sweat. This mixes with normal skin bacteria and encourages them to multiply, producing an offensive odour.

“The glands are more in the armpit because the armpit is warm, dark and moist and bacteria, if allowed to can easily thrive there. So, the more you sweat, the more you smell.”

The physician said that offensive body odour could affect an individual’s self-esteem as most people actually judged an individual more, based on smell rather than looks.

“A good smell can turn out to be your greatest asset and a bad smell your worst nightmare!

“Therefore, wash the body with soap daily, particularly the armpits, groin and feet, where there are many sweat-producing glands. This removes sweat and kills the bacteria.

“Take care of your body or at least be considerate to others by making sure you smell good. Do not go out there and disgrace yourself with offensive body odour,” he said. (NAN)