Surviving University Life As Fresher

They say that the university years are the best that you will ever have in your life.

Well, it may be added here that those years could also be the worst, especially for a youngster coming in from a shielded background.

There are always two sides to a coin.

How the university years turn out for any individual, depends largely on the decisions and choices they make.

Being in the University, indeed, can be exciting especially for a fresher as the University is not like High school where you have people watching over you and controlling your every move.

Irrespective of whatever rules the institution may have, but while you are there you are independent. There’s no one to tell you what to do and as a fresher you may see this as an opportunity to live and act however you please.

If one is not careful, some of the decisions and choices made then, may ruin the years ahead for the person even beyond the University years.

Here are some tips that may help you survive as a fresher:

Learn to budget: 

Don’t think that because your parents send you monthly allowance, you are then at liberty to spend them all, or because there’s no supervision you decide to lavish your money. A day may come when you will need to buy textbooks in school or you’ll need the money for something important. Learn to save.

Ask for help: 

If you feel that the system is new to you, and it most definitely will be, you can always ask for help from someone.  It could be a lecturer or a student who is in a higher level than you.

Know your limits: 

Being new to the University system, you may have heard stories of how students’ sneak out to clubs and party all night and you may want to live that life. But also remember that your result is your first priority in school. If you must party, do it at a moderate level. Do not party all night and in the morning you will find it difficult to attend lectures.

Impress no one: 

A lot of times, students just entering the University will want to impress the people around them so they go the extra mile and do things that ordinarily they do not want to do. Be yourself. Those who will like you will, those who won’t, won’t.

Avoid peer pressure: 

If you have a mind of your own and avoid listening to other people, peer pressure will not be a problem for you.

Try as much as possible to attend lectures:

If you must skip lectures for one reason or the other do not make it a habit because sometimes the lecturer could drop a surprise test and you may miss it if you skipped that lecture for that day. Remember, this is not High school where you are allowed to retake a test if you miss it.

Avoid getting into trouble: 

Trouble should be far away from you in the University.  Do not go looking for trouble because you may not like the end product.

Do not get yourself expelled:

This is the University not your High school, yes they do expel students on a daily basis for one misconduct or the other. Whatever rules the University authority has put in place, follow them. Remember, there is no absolute freedom.

Try to eat healthy: 

Avoid eating junk food all the time, try as much as possible to eat healthy food to prevent you from getting sick most of the time.

Be yourself: 

Be you, be original do not try to be like anyone else. Be the best version of yourself. 

Always remember why you came to school: Yes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but remember your grades, remember there are responsibilities after the University, remember your parents’ sacrifices made it possible for you to be in the University and make them proud.