You might not be able to tell at first glance, but there’s something a little off about this seemingly basic photo of three women.

Wearing boots and long-sleeved shirts, the three also appear to have on jeans — well, all are except for one.

Model Maria Luciotti, center, stepped out in “ pants ” and “lace top” created by Jen the Body Painter, who’s on the left. Jen’s work is so realistic that she sent Luciotti out to walk around the mall to see whether anyone would notice that her ripped jeans and shirt weren’t just skintight, they were just her skin.

One of these women isn't wearing pants — can you tell which?

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Jen, who is a makeup artist based in Baltimore, tells Yahoo Lifestyle it took her a whopping three hours to complete the body painting.

She started on top, creating the “shirt” by applying a pattern with a sponge. Luciotti wears pasties and nothing else. Jen then moved onto the “pants,” which were created using a paintbrush and blue paint, plus white paint to create rips across the legs of her “jeans” and a darker hue of blue to create pockets and a zipper. Besides the paint, Luciotti is wearing only a pair of seamless underwear.

The response to Jen’s work has been incredible — the video got more than six million views. She took to Instagram on Wednesday to thank her supporters.

“I started body-painting 10 years ago as a single mom of 3 young kids. Never did I think my work would evolve into something that is shared around the globe,” she wrote. “I feel like i’m dreaming.”