Nollywood actress, Kiki Omeili, has taken to her Twitter page Monday to question why people still condemn giving things with the left hand as a bad thing.

Her tweet was coming after the trending topic that left-handed people shouldn’t use their left hands when collecting or giving out anything as it is against the culture in some places.

According to the actress, such belief is equal to being okay with the killing of twins because it is equally cultural.

“If you say that using the left hand to give someone something is bad and our culture dictates that you must use your right hand, then you should also be okay with the killing of twins cos it was equally “culture”. Ignorance isn’t culture. Ignorant cultural beliefs can be unlearned,” she tweeted.

She pointed out the fact that only 11% of all the people in the world are left-handed, and if a person is left-handed, that’s how they are wired.

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She also pointed out that the world is generally designed for right-handed people so many people don’t understand the challenges that left-handed people face.

She concluded by saying ignorance should not be hidden under the blanket of culture, people can be educated to stop castigating and shaming left handed people as left handedness is a function of the right side of the brain being dominant.


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