Male Grooming Tips

Good grooming is an essential part of style for any man. Gone are the days where looking good was only a thing for the ladies. With stars like Denola Grey talking about skincare and Timi Dakolo’s grooming at the spa, the men are beginning to take note.

Below are some easy tips to get you started.

Cut your nails:

It is no longer in style to leave all your nails long or leave just one pinky nail long. As a man if you still do this, change your ways. A well manicured hand is a thing women look out for these days. Keep your nails short and dirt free.


Bleaching is a no no for men. It is bad enough the women bleach, but to bleach as a man is a cardinal sin. Do not do it! Being splotched with spots will do you no favours. It’s better to allow your natural skin to glow and that, of course, is the attraction and a turn-on.

Smelling Good

Smelling good good business and remains your first point of attraction: More than 90 percent of women will tell you the first thing the notice in a man is his smell. Invest in a good body cologne and then a perfume. Be sure to always use it and this will stand you head and shoulders above the brother who isn’t. Masculine musk is not a scent the ladies appreciate. Nobody likes a man who smells like a pig sty.

Armpit hairs:

Oops! If you have ever been in a bus and the conductor lifts up tenor arms and the smell wafts off, you will understand this better. Hairs collect dirt and sweat and eventually some clump to the hairs leaving a very undesirable sight to look at. Trim your underarms hair at least if you won’t shave it completely and always make sure you wash the area throughly when you shower. What’s there to keep bushy underarms? Guy, how do you even fill?

Boxers are undergarments:

Your boxers are underwear, if you won’t expect a

woman to repeat the panties she wore the previous day, please don’t repeat your boxers. Some men will sleep in them and wear them again the next day. This is highly unacceptable and the habit should be phased out. Please!

Say No to Ashy:

Ever seen a man wearing shorts and his knees look ashy? As a man please invest in a good cream. Whenever you are wearing shorts or shirts where your arms will be exposed, use it.

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Dirty Shirt Collars:

This is another thing a woman looks at when she sees a man. If your shirt collar is dirty or ragged, she automatically assumes you are too. Be sure to pay attention to your collars when washing your clothes. If you are hand washing, avoid washing it vigorously as that stretches it out and gives it that raggedness quickly. Go for rubbing motions that get the job done without destroying it. If you machine wash, they are sprays to use before you toss them in the wash to make sure it’s extra clean.

Nose Hair:

There is nothing more distracting on a man’s face as nose hair. Please trim them before they get long enough to be seen. All you need is a tiny scissors and a mirror and 2-5 minutes to get it done. Are you keeping it to plait or growing it to lock?

Hair cut:

Any well groomed man gets a hair cut every 2-3 weeks to keep everything in place. If your hair grows fast, then you may need to visit your barber weekly. The goal is to always have every strand of hair in place. If you have dreadlocks, take care of it often too. Relock it when it needs it to avoid looking like a mad man when it gets out of hand.

Grooming yourself does not make you any less masculine than you already are, it makes you even more appealing especially to the modern day woman. Go ahead and look good for yourself and for your partner.