There are counter-protests ongoing at the headquarters of the United Nations as the President, Muhammadu Buhari addressed the UN General Assembly.

While one is organised by the Yoruba Nation and Biafra agitators, the other is held by a OneNation group on Friday.

The Yoruba Nation and Biafra agitators earlier resumed their protest at the headquarters of the United Nations before moving to the Nigerian embassy.

The agitators, who held placards with various inscriptions, chanted “UN do something, your silence is killing us’, and ‘help Nigeria to save lives’ among others.

They also sang Osun State anthem, noting that they want a referendum

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One of the protesters, identified as TJ, said, “We want them to know what Nigeria is all about. UN needs to intervene to rescue the situation.”

Another protester, Omo Oba, said the protest was organised to show that people are oppressed in Nigeria.

“This is for all that are oppressed, hungry on the streets of Nigeria, those who want to live a humane lifestyle,” she said.

On their part, the OneNigeria group held placards promoting the activities of Buhari and preaching unity in Nigeria.

They displayed placards with inscriptions ‘Unity in diversity’, and ‘Nigerians want unity’ among others.

The protesters later took their protests to the UN headquarters after police arrived at the UN embassy.

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