The recent Supreme Court ruling sacking former Imo State Governor, Emeka Ihedioha has continued to draw condemnation.

Anglican Bishops through the Archbishop of Enugu Province, Dr. Emmanuel Chukwuma, on Thursday joined in the condemnation of the judgment which they described as “wicked and corrupt.”

Recall that the apex court had on January 14, invalidated the election of Ihedioha of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as governor of Imo State in the 2019 general elections and declared Hope Uzodinma of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the true winner of the election.

However, briefing newsmen in Enugu, the Anglican Bishops further described the judgment as “kangaroo and unacceptable” to the people of Imo State and called on the Supreme Court to reverse the judgment with a warning that failure to do so could attract the wrath of God on the Supreme Court justices.

They equally called for the immediate resignation of Justice Mohammed Tanko as the Chief Justice of Nigeria, insisting he was not “learned” enough to head the nation’s judiciary.

On Fr. Ejike Mbaka who prophesied that Uzodinma would become the governor of Imo State in his new year Prophesies, the Anglican Bishops urged him to “desist from his distortive prophecy and face his ministry.”

They also called on the Catholic Church to rein him in saying “he is politicising his ministry too much and commercialising his ministry and that is dangerous to the ministry of the church and this we totally condemn.”

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“I am speaking the minds of most of the Bishops of the Anglican Church that we are very much discontented and very much in disagreement with the kangaroo judgment of the Supreme Court on what has happened in Imo State.

“We sincerely feel disappointed with the Chief Justice of Nigeria, who has not got his facts correct and we feel that, that judgment is wicked and corrupt.

“We also feel that the conclusion of the last judgment of Monday was as a result of fear of what will happen in Nigeria because of the reaction to their judgment on Imo State and so, they quickly made others to say pass, pass, they have a hidden agenda.

“And so, we are calling on the Supreme Court to reverse their judgment on Imo State before they will see the wrath of God. There is no way Imo State people could have voted for APC with the bad governance of Okorocha, for which in the House of Assembly APC has no single seat during the election.

“Hope Uzodinma is my friend; I am not against him but I am against the Supreme Court justices who mutilated the result, judging the case on the total votes that were more than accredited votes, which is absolutely incongruous and very much antithetical to democracy spirit.

“It is, therefore, our prayer that Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, should also be up and doing in their declaration of results and be able to defend whatever they declared in the sight of the Supreme Court.

“In fact, we are calling on the resignation of the Chief Justice of Nigeria. He should go, he is not a lawyer, he is a Sharia Court man; he is not a learned man. We are calling for his resignation with immediate effect.

“With him now, he has really shown Nigerians that General Buhari, I call him General because he is doing what he is called to do, had an agenda to remove Onnoghen to perpetrate what is happening now, which is capable of causing another civil war in Nigeria after 50 years.

“We also pray that Father Ejike Mbaka should desist from his distortive prophecy and face his ministry.

“We call on the Catholic Church to call him to order. He is politicising his ministry too much and commercialising his ministry and that is dangerous to the ministry of the church and this we totally condemn,” Chukwuma said.

The clerics also condemned the killing of Adamawa Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Rev. Lawan Andimi by Boko Haram terrorists and called on the Federal Government to assure Christians in the north and church leaders that they were safe by providing proper security.

Equally, they called for the sacking of the service chiefs whom they said “have over-stayed and are now irrelevant.”

The Bishops said the Federal Government should stop deceiving Nigerians that Boko Haram has been defeated, saying that what is happening has shown that to be untrue.

“But let me warn the present government that we cannot continue this way, things are getting so tough and hard for people but it seems Buhari and his government are getting insensitive to the affairs of Nigerians and if they fail to do something this new year, they should expect God’s intervention that will be very much disastrous.

“Nigerians deserve better government and let there be proper and sincere implementation of the budget in this fiscal year; security must be assured; life must be made easy and essential amenities must be provided, otherwise the budgeted trillions become useless.

“I call on church leaders in Nigeria to stand up and beef up their prayers for the battle we are going to fight now is going to be a spiritual one and God is going to help us to overcome. I call on all Christians to intensify their prayers to this battle and pray that God will deliver Nigeria in this decade that has just started.

“But we want to say, let there be no more slaughtering or execution of any church leader in Nigeria, otherwise, all Christians will react and that will be very bad for this present government, which we feel has not treated Nigerians properly,” the Bishop said.